How to avoid the occurrence of monitoring system failure

The monitoring system is configured with 1 or 1000 surveillance cameras, all of which must realize 7*24 hours real-time monitoring. In the continuous high-intensity work cycle, front-end monitoring probes are only responsible for capturing images, but the back-end storage devices need to constantly process data, to ensure that the monitoring system zero failures start from the hard disk.

When people's requirements for image quality become higher and higher, storage pressure also increases. In addition to high-cost monitoring of hard disk prices, the hard disk life has become a concern of everyone. It has been suggested that SSD monitoring hard disk is very reliable in the continuous reading and writing of data. Ensuring that important video content is recorded in the DVR is far more important than any high-end surveillance technology. Therefore, the management personnel must know how to maintain the hard disk and reduce the risk of only monitoring the video.

Only monitoring does not record? How to avoid monitoring system failure

Once the hard drive is damaged, the cost of restoring internal data is high. According to data, the price of a single hard disk data recovery ranged from 1,000 US dollars to 2000 US dollars, and the price of a repaired drive was 300 US dollars. In addition to these measurable prices, the problem of loss of critical video data seems to be impossible to measure with money, so the protection of hard disks is particularly important.

The main factors that cause hard disk failure include the following:

Environmental conditions: The maximum temperature of a set of monitoring system can't exceed 50°C, but it will always encounter special situations, such as multi-channel monitoring data processing, outdoor environment is more hot, or the system structure is more complex, which is not conducive to the heat dissipation of the equipment itself. These may cause the temperature to be too high or too low, resulting in the system can not work properly.

Attachment design: unused hard disk manufacturers, DVR vendors, NVR vendors, or disk array vendors differ in their design structure. As long as they involve the use of hard disks, they may be too trivial to cause damage.

Do a good job of monitoring system data backup

Hard disk age and type: Any hard disk has a useful life, not to mention 24/7 non-stop operation of the monitoring hard disk, but also to read and write data quickly. It's hard not to lose some of the faults that have accumulated over a long period of time.

Many experience in deployment monitoring tells us that in harsh environments, including vibration, shocks, or high temperatures, can have a negative impact on the hard disk. First of all, we must work hard under the hard disk enclosure, from the installation design to the cooling method must be considered. Independent DVR applications and fully-monitored disk arrays have greater stability and are suitable for use in specific environments.

Supervisors should use existing data protection capabilities to improve storage reliability and, when appropriate, implement storage redundancy. By evaluating the shock and impact on the storage system, selecting an appropriate protective case, and meeting special needs, we must also choose to integrate intelligent products.

Monitoring Storage: RAID Data Backup

Implementing storage redundancy can prevent the occurrence of failures, and the redundancy determines the key of the video content. For small monitoring systems, low-cost data redundancy can be achieved. IP-SAN provides assistance for large-scale monitoring deployment of redundant storage.

Some new monitoring hard disks support automatic encryption and data erasing functions to protect sensitive data from being copied from the outside world. These applications help to extend the service life of hard disks.

The seemingly inconspicuous DVR plays an important role. The monitoring hard drive also plays an instinct in monitoring storage. To avoid data loss due to a hard disk failure, understand the possibility of a hard disk failure. Be especially careful when using it.

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