Jiuzhi Plastics Network talks about the big market worry of pallets

Speaking of trays, there are mainly paper trays, wooden pallets, plastic pallets and metal pallets. At present, paper pallets have special uses in the pallet market, and the development prospects are not great; wooden pallets still dominate because of relatively low prices; metal pallets are gradually shrinking due to high price, heavy and difficult to repair; and plastic pallets are materials storage and transportation. The new product has the advantages of light weight, stable, good integrity, no nails, no thorns, no odor, no toxicity, corrosion resistance, easy rinsing, no rot, recyclable, long service life of 8 times wooden pallets, high recycling value, etc. Important tools for packaging, warehousing, due to the numerous advantages, plastic pallets are developing rapidly and the market prospect is very broad.
In recent years, the average renewal rate and growth rate of plastic pallets have remained at around 20%, and the number of petrochemical, food, pharmaceutical and plastic pallets has doubled. As far as the current domestic production capacity of plastic pallets is concerned, the balance between supply and demand can basically be achieved after 5 to 10 years. Therefore, plastic pallets are in a period of rapid growth in China. Although the market demand for plastic pallets is large, the high raw material prices are also a serious problem that the plastic pallet manufacturing industry has to face.
The surge in international oil prices has driven the prices of chemical raw materials such as ethylene, polyethylene and PX. The plastic pallet industry, which is a downstream product of petrochemicals, is inevitably the target of being attacked. The price of plastic pallets is 200 yuan/only. When the price of oil is low, the cost is only 80 yuan/only. However, the price of oil has increased several times. Now the cost of raw materials is only 160 yuan/only, plus the depreciation of labor and equipment. Any profit, many SMEs have to stop production and close. It can be said that although the market is vast, there are always times of worry.
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