The importance of fire retardant coatings on kitchen floors

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With the widespread use of floor heating technology and the popularity of kitchen and bathroom wet and dry separation design, more and more consumers are laying wooden floors into kitchen and bathroom spaces. Home improvement designers recommend consumers, the kitchen can choose to add fire-resistant paint to the solid wood floor, the bathroom can choose anti-corrosion wood floor.

Kitchen floor needs to be painted with fire retardant coating

The kitchen is equipped with wooden floors, and fire protection is the most important. Many wood floors on the market have been painted with fire retardant coatings, but for use in the kitchen, additional fire retardant coatings are required. Generally, the floor is brushed 2-3 times in the factory when it is processed, and it is recommended to use the wood floor in the kitchen for 5-6 times.

Because it is necessary to add fireproof coatings, it is recommended to choose solid wood flooring as much as possible, preferably pure solid wood. For the purpose of wear resistance, the reinforced laminate flooring has a layer of aluminum oxide on the surface. It is difficult to apply a fireproof coating. It can only be applied on the bottom of the aluminum oxide or the side of the floor. The effect after brushing is not satisfactory.

Anti-corrosion wood can be used on the bathroom floor

The dry area of ​​the bathroom is paved with wooden floors, and it is necessary to handle the waterproofing of the wet area. On the one hand, the waterproofing of the wall surface can be solved during the decoration; on the other hand, the wet and dry joint, that is, the waterproofing at the door stone.

Make a slope of five thousandths at the gate stone to allow the water to flow in. In addition, the dry floor can be selected from PVC plastic flooring. This kind of floor is relatively thin, so it is necessary to level the ground first, leave a slope at the floor drain, and then carry out the paving.

For the purpose of moisture protection, the bathroom can also choose anti-corrosion wood flooring. The anti-corrosion wood floor has the characteristics of not being afraid of watering and getting harder and harder. At present, the floor needs to be customized by the factory.

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Kitchen and bathroom floor should be carefully managed

The use of kitchen and bathroom is high, and the floor is quite troublesome. Solid wood flooring requires regular solid wax to reduce the extent of seam expansion. The oil stains on the kitchen floor should be wiped with special grease. Stubborn stains should be wiped with a neutral cleaning solvent and then wiped with a tamped cotton mop to avoid damage. The water on the floor of the bathroom dry area should be sucked out with a dry cloth in time and dried naturally.

Floor tile with floor pattern

Whether it is solid wood flooring or laminate flooring, old water splashes on it or the moisture is too large, it is easy to damage; the kitchen floor wears out due to long-term use, the fireproof coating becomes thinner, and there is also a big safety hazard. If consumers particularly like the texture of the floor, they can also choose the same texture of the tile. There are many brands on the market that have introduced wood-like tiles.

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