There are often users consulting the manufacturer about several small concrete pumps, whether they are all used with the same effect. In fact, small concrete pumps, secondary structure pumps, small delivery pumps, etc. can also be called small concrete delivery pumps, because they are all a kind o

Although the electromagnetic noise of the motor will not have any impact on the use. But now everyone is very concerned about environmental protection, noise is undoubtedly the focus of our attention, naturally can not be tolerated or accepted. Today, the editor of Dalan Motor talks about how the

One of the methods to improve the quality of the particles, water regulation, 4rJ, China Feed Industry Information Network - based on feed, serving animal husbandry 4rJ China Feed Industry Information Network - based on feed, serving animal husbandry First, improve the moisture content of feed 4r

HC Plastics News: Injection molding machine manufacturer Engel Austria and technology and materials specialist Heraeus are integrating their expertise in amorphous metal processing. Under the name "Amloy", Heraeus has developed a new range of amorphous metal alloys. For the processing o

As long as the cell structure is modified, the energy cell microorganisms will be able to increase their "enthusiasm for generating electricity", increase their efficiency, consume more waste and turn it into waste? Recently, the new issue of "

Shangmei Furniture takes you to Milan Furniture Fair The annual furniture feast that attracts worldwide attention- the 58th Salone del Mobile Milano has been held in Milan, the capital of fashion and design , from April 9 to April 14, 2019 . Known as the " Oscar of the world's furniture

Gold miners in southern Russia are disappointed to learn that the spotted yellow rock they found is not a precious metal ore, but it is a rare space meteorite and contains a new mineral that has never been seen before. The mineral comes from the Uakit meteorite, named after the Russian location it