Before buying a house, he also considered more, and finally bought the 137 flat three-bedroom apartment. After that, his parents could stay with us. The Mediterranean style of decoration is like the refreshing and natural beauty. The decoration took more than half a year and w

"Is this house still a home?!" When I first saw Xiaolin’s family, Sima couldn't help but take a breath. Less than 8m2 in a small space, Kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom together, The narrow space is full of debris. Lighting, ventilation and li

Pavement decoration is the common practice of most owners. There are tile types such as polished tiles, polished glazed tiles, whole body tiles, antique tiles, and mosaic tiles. Among them, polished tiles and polished glazed tiles are more popular. Which kind of tile is better? Let's take a lo

With the upgrading of consumption, as well as the development of the custom home industry itself and the constant changes in its economic and policy environment, the overall market demand will change at any time. Future custom home companies need to be based on market changes,

Nowadays it is a good season for decoration If you are preparing or are renovating a new house What furniture is prepared at home? Please follow me immediately Museum Tao Xide will send you a trip Free food and drink tour also sent fine silk (Attendants are sent to the c

According to Xiao Bian, not only small-sized homeowners will suffer headaches due to the renovation of their homes, and some large-sized homeowners are overwhelmed by large-area home renovations. How about the renovation of large-sized houses? Let's take a look at how large houses should be re

For those who just got the key to the new house, it is certainly very exciting, because they have their own small nest. But the next renovation will make people very headache, because the decoration is a complicated matter. For those who do not understand the decoration, it is very necessary to un