Last week, the market price of domestic potash fertilizers continued to maintain a steady upward trend in the wake of the overall favorable sales of downstream compound fertilizer companies, centralized procurement of raw materials, tight supply of imported potash, and tightening of domest

The size of the five-line custom ceiling plate is accurately measured by the master. There is a lot of attention between the two, and it is easy to learn the feng shui. The five lines of texture are carefully designed, combined with the master Feng Shui academic, Jin Mushui and fire, each of w

Recently, Chongqing has made important breakthroughs in the development and application of magnesium alloys. Through the development of magnesium alloy stamping technology, Chongqing has successfully produced magnesium alloy notebook casings and car seat basin samples. In the f

[China Aluminum Network] Electrolytic corrosion occurs when copper conductors are connected to aluminum conductors in power lines. When the copper wire and the key wire are connected. Due to different materials. There is a certain potential difference between each other. The potential difference b

Common quality problems and treatment opinions of furniture paint painting - running oil 1. Frequently Asked Questions â—† There are water or oil droplets on the surface of the coating in the paint and thinner. â—†The agricultural surface of the coated material has oil, wax, soap, acid

Abstract Under the hard task of environmental protection and air pollution control, and elimination of backward production capacity, Pingshan County leads the modern agriculture with the park, supports the modern industry with high precision and supports the modern service industry with cultu

Outdoor marble finishes have been subjected to frost, snow, ice, etc. for many years. As the use time increases, the number of freeze-thaw cycles experienced increases, which can easily cause cracks in marble finishes. Due to the poor stone quality of the marble, the color pattern is more, or