HC Security Network News years ago, the industry kind of consensus, China's smart home, aiming at the future. When time goes into 2017, it can be said that the future of smart home has arrived. Especially last year, according to relevant statistics, the sales volume of smart locks reached 3 mil

Said anti-theft fingerprint code lock, then fingerprint code lock really anti-theft? Fingerprint lock is a kind of high-tech intelligent product. It is made by using advanced technology. Its powerful function and various unlocking methods. Nowadays, society is an impetuous society, and people'

Abstract On July 20th, the new "Fortune" World Top 500 list was released. Wal-Mart ranked first for four consecutive years. The other two of the first three camps were Chinese companies - State Grid and Sinopec. PetroChina ranked fourth. Fortune World 5... On July 20th, the new &qu

Technology Trends China is the world's largest market for servers, PCs and smart phones. The demand for memory chips is extremely large. In 2014, the proportion of storage chips purchased by China accounted for 20% of the world's total; in 2015 it increased to 30%, and the proportion

News Related Keywords: No tags. 1. High-expansion foam fire extinguisher is an explosion-proof fire-fighting equipment, and inspection of explosion-proof performance should be strictly performed before going down. 2. When using a high-expansion fire extinguisher to extinguish fire, a high-bubble

The two-hole faucet is loved by many people. What is a two-hole faucet? The double-opening faucet has the advantages of water saving, durability, humanization, easy cleaning, environmental protection and convenience. How can I buy a good two-hole faucet? Here is a brief introd

Now, with the development of the real estate market, a large amount of underground space has been discovered and used by people. Now every family has a car to facilitate the whole family to go out and play. On weekends and holidays, a large number of tourist buses and private cars have nowhere to pa