In the first eight months of this year, China's machinery industry realized a profit of 1.14 trillion yuan, an increase of 14.12% over the same period of last year. In terms of import and export, in 2016, machinery industry exports amounted to 272.7 billion US dollars, and imports amounted to 37

Whenever you spy on the core of American culture, it is not difficult to find two keywords intertwined, that is, freedom and tolerance. Designed by Suno Bernard, this case is unveiled with a new American style. It is full of imagination and incorporates a variety of elements to set a

Tiles are a kind of material that will be used in the decoration, either on the ground or on the wall, or in the living room or kitchen. However, many owners faced a wide range of tiles on the market, but did not know how to choose. Some people may ask, Mona Lisa tile is good, which is the Mona Li

HC Plastics News: Nanfang Daily reporter recently learned from Foshan listed company Liansu Group that the group's PVC pipe, pipe fittings and various types of products have achieved full lead-free, this product type changes for the industry's green development And the company's product

In the cold winter season, people constantly invent various ways to avoid the cold, and the warmth of the earth will rise. Now that many homes are being renovated, geothermal heating will be designed. Floor heating not only guarantees the supply of heat but also does not occupy space, so it is ver

There are many single-lane lanes in existing urban parking lots designed for cornering or narrowness. When the vehicle owner enters or exits, it is impossible to judge whether there is a car on the opposite side through the human eye. This can easily result in congestion in the middle of the passa

Many people in wallpapers and wall coverings are not clear. Many people think that they are the same when they don't understand. In fact, these two are different types of wall decorations. Today, we will introduce you to wallpaper and wall. The advantages and disadvantages of cloth , together