Hot Sale Engine Oil Aps036 Volatile Shearing Oil Lubricant Oil Machine Oil

Model NO.: APS036-2
Application: Industrial Lubricant
Appearance: Transparent
Trademark: Landnok or Private label
Specification: 200L Iron Drum / 20L Plastic Bucket
Origin: China
HS Code: 3403190000
APS036 Volatile Shearing Oil
    APS036 volatile shearing oil is a clean - free shearing oil. By the high volatile refining oil and volatile additive such as antioxidant, lubricants blending, is applied to the finned aluminum foil stamping, punching, stretching and rolling of copper tubes and bending process of oil, is suitable for the air conditioning in the radiator aluminum fin and copper parts processing. It can replace and surpass the same type of volatile blanking and shearing oil of af-2a and rf-190 of SHELL company in Japan.APS036 volatile blanking and shearing oil meets the requirements of environmental protection food and is also suitable for stamping and stretching of other aluminum foil aerospace fast food boxes and aluminum foil containers in contact with food.

APS036 volatile shearing oil
- Low boiling point base oil, with good volatility, good annealing cleaning;

- The patented formula has unparalleled advantages over other company products in its non-irritating effect on human skin.
- Completely tasteless, maintain a good workshop operating environment

Test items APS036 APS036B Detection method
appearance Colorless transparent liquid Dark brown transparent liquid visualization
Viscosity(40ºC,mm2/s) 1.0-1.2 1.2-1.3 GB/T265-88
flashing pointºC ≥42 ≥43 GB/T3536-83
Corrosion test(100ºC,3h,aluminium,copper) qualified qualified GB/T5085
Volatility speed(minute) ≤15 ≤25 LNQS7.3-A.13
Maximum No Bite Load(PB),N >490 >490 GB/T3142-82

Application is introduced
- APS026B is suitable for the stamping of silicon steel sheet and galvanized sheet with rust protection requirement.
- It has excellent lubrication performance and good forming ability for all copper and aluminum materials, and can obtain aluminum holes with high flanging height.
- Store in a cool, ventilated place. No fire.

Use the liquid and spray directly

Packing Specifications
200L iron drum  20L  Plastic bucket

Hot Sale Engine Oil Aps036 Volatile Shearing Oil Lubricant Oil Machine Oil

Company info:
    Landnok Chemical (Guangzhou) Co.,ltd is located in Dongchong town,Nansha district of Guangzhou city, it is an integrated enterprise and manufacture, occupy 14 thousand  square meters,and set up "United research centre of Guangzhou university and Landnok chemical " in the entreprise campus. From the 1990's,the entreprise began to devote itself to the business of research and application of special industrial oil. Landnok lubricant products include water soluble processing series,forming process series, punching and drawing series,metal die cast series,plastic injecting series,drawbench series,special lubricanting greaseseries and detergent series.

Hot Sale Engine Oil Aps036 Volatile Shearing Oil Lubricant Oil Machine Oil
    Based on the management idea of "Localized product, excellent quality",Landnok keep devoting itself in its speciality realm for many years,and successfully obtained the certificate of ISO:9001,and ready to provide the SGS/MSDS data sheet for all the product. Professional technological power and high quality product  has became the wide platform which Landnok keep developing on, the excellent pre-sale and after-sale service will ensure every customer of Landnok to choose the right oil,use good oil.

Address:NO.60 Yufeng Road,Datong Village, Tung Chung Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou.


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