Ten Samsung Maker System Software Development

Ten Samsung maker culture systems software development, consulting Mr.Huang 181 [micro] 4655 5466 Electric, ten Samsung maker culture APP custom, ten Samsung maker culture model systems development, ten Samsung maker culture native system development.

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A ten Samsung maker culture mode introduced:

A total of ten levels, unlimited push!

10 yuan customs clearance upgrade:

1. Every 1st generation friend who upgrades to level 1 will give you 10 yuan to upgrade, and he will gain countless 10 yuan;

2. Every second-generation friend who upgrades to level 2 will give you a package of 20 yuan. He will receive countless 10 to 20 yuan;

3. Every third-generation friend who upgrades to level 3 will give you a 30 yuan package. He will receive countless 10 to 30 yuan;

4. If you want to get more subordinates, you need to upgrade. Anyone who wants to earn will queue up and send you upgrades.

5. 10 levels of fission of 10 generations, when you are at level 10, you will receive a steady stream of 10-100 friends and friends, use the received to upgrade to equal 0 investment!

6. If everyone can share the upgrade of 3 friends in one week, the team fission demonstration is as follows:

Three people X10 yuan = 30 yuan in the first week

Week 2 9 people X20 yuan = 180 yuan

Week 3 27 people X30 yuan = 510 yuan

In the fourth week, 81 people X40 yuan = 3240 yuan ...

Second , what are the characteristics of the ten Samsung Maker APP?

1. The platform does not charge money: no charge, free use, the platform only does data, integrates contacts. All the money is not distributed through the platform, and it is traded by itself.

2. Upgrade investment: As long as someone who understands will definitely upgrade, everyone who wants to get to level 12 must pass you once, so they will actively increase your profile and send you one. The upgrade is to get more under the umbrella.

3. The investment threshold is low: all members are informed and participate in the operation on a voluntary basis. The entry costs 10 yuan, the amount is small, and the promotion will pay back.

4. Drainage of network resources: voluntary distribution among members, and integration of network while earning money. There will be better projects in the future to lead the team to join.

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Ten Samsung Makers are currently in a bottleneck period, a fact that is gradually emerging. However, the demand in this field is still very strong. In the age of information, how to obtain information more efficiently is a difficulty faced by many people; the "information cocoon room" brought by intelligent recommendation algorithms is a new concern for people. The online community information acquisition mode has reached the ceiling. Can the online and offline community information acquisition mode open the ceiling? With the mature application of 5G technology, the future physical distance will be infinitely closer, and the combination of online and offline modes has the opportunity to be replicated in places other than first-tier cities. The space in this direction is not small. After getting along the way, I have been questioned a lot, but I got a problem-oriented purification of the content and a community information acquisition model that takes the big coffee in the field as the leader. Perhaps it is a part of the information age that takes into account efficiency and new perspectives This kind of optional information acquisition path, the growth and expansion is just to meet the needs of some users to obtain incremental information quickly.

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