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Shangmei Furniture takes you to Milan Furniture Fair

The annual furniture feast that attracts worldwide attention- the 58th Salone del Mobile Milano has been held in Milan, the capital of fashion and design , from April 9 to April 14, 2019 .

Known as the " Oscar of the world's furniture design industry ", the Milan exhibition is a popular vane for furniture, home furnishing, architecture, accessories, and lamps worldwide, and represents the top level of furniture design.

Numerous exhibitors and thousands of products debuted confirm the great value of Milan International Furniture Fair as an international creative display and industry professional forum, with an average of more than 370,000 people from 188 different countries participating in the exhibition every year.

What kind of exhibition attracts excellent furniture designers from 188 countries all over the world ? The next fairy introduces you to the current Milan International Furniture Fair.

Founded in 1961, Salone del Mobile is one of the most popular international furniture and design events held annually in Milan (Fiera Milano Fairground, Rho). It is also an exhibition that combines business and culture, shaping design and decoration History and development.

This session of the Milan International Furniture Fair (Salone international azionale del Mobile) and international decorative package (International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition) exhibition is divided into three styles, namely: Classic, design and luxury goods.

Compared with previous exhibitions, the display of luxury products and designs in this exhibition should be the largest. The number of designed exhibition halls has increased to 10, and the classic display has changed from 4 exhibition halls to 1 exhibition hall, which also shows that the modern light luxury style has become a mainstream trend that cannot be ignored.

Do you want to see this big feast about design, innovation and home? Shangmei Home Furniture has also organized some pictures of participating brands for you to share with you.

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