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Garden lights usually refer to outdoor lighting fixtures under 6 meters. The main components are: light source, lamps, lampposts, flanges, and embedded parts. Because the garden lamp has the characteristics of diversity, beauty and beautification and decorative environment, it is also called landscape lamp garden lamp.

Garden lights are currently widely used in residential areas, tourist attractions, parks, squares, private gardens and other public places. They are generally placed on one or both sides of the road for lighting, improving the safety of people traveling at night and increasing the time for outdoor activities. To improve the safety of life and property. During the day, courtyard lights can be used as a landscape to beautify the environment. At night, courtyard lamps can not only provide the necessary lighting and convenience for life, but also highlight the highlights of the city and interpret the bright style.

Since the development of garden lights, different types have been derived according to the different environments and design styles. They are divided into three categories: European-style garden lights, modern garden lights, and classic garden lights.

Some time ago, customers in Fujian came to our company to consult the garden lights, and communicated with them that these garden lights need to be installed in a high-end community. Based on the pictures of the community provided by the customer, I recommended the European-style courtyard similar to the overall style of the community. light. European-style garden lights use European-style elements, and then incorporate some abstract expressions, the overall will show a noble and elegant atmosphere. After several communications with the customer, the customer generally agreed with our company's quotation, and then I sincerely invited the customer to visit our factory to bring the customer to the first production line of the lamp at zero distance. In order to let the customer know the strength of our company, at the same time Let customers buy our products with more confidence. After many setbacks, a contract was finally signed with the customer.

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