Industrial Internet security issues need to be resolved

Under the wave of new infrastructure, the Industrial Internet has received more attention. Experts pointed out that as an important starting point to promote the conversion of old and new kinetic energy in China's industrial system, Industrial Internet integrates Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other information technologies with industrial systems at a high level in all aspects to form a comprehensive data and application intelligence , A highly reliable new industry ecology. However, the security problems associated with the development of my country's Industrial Internet need to be resolved urgently.

It is understood that many countries in the world have deployed the Industrial Internet, the United States regards the Industrial Internet as an important foundation for advanced manufacturing, Germany regards the Industrial Internet platform as a key support for Industry 4.0, and Japan regards the Industrial Internet as a manufacturing development goal.

However, the acceleration of the development of the Industrial Internet is also facing the problem of traditional network security protection methods being stretched in a complex environment. In mid-May, the "Guiding Opinions on the Development of Industrial Big Data" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said that 34% of my country's connected industrial equipment has high-risk vulnerabilities, and there were as many as 51.51 million sniffing incidents in the first half of 2019 alone. The guidance points out that at present, the construction of the industrial data security responsibility system is still blank, and technically cannot effectively protect industrial data security, which in turn leads to the industrial information security protection ability lagging behind the process of industrial integration development.

Experts believe that, in view of the complex network environment, the self-controllable network protocol deeply integrates cryptographic technology, or it will open up a new path for this to prevent hidden security risks in traditional networks. Passwords are deeply integrated with self-controllable network protocols, that is, to implement security mechanisms such as identity authentication, access control, and data protection based on password technology at the network layer, taking into account information security and transmission efficiency.

According to reports, At present, the company is continuing to explore the security performance brought about by this fusion, using structurally secure visual networking protocols, implanting cryptographic technology, and implementing protection mechanisms such as identity authentication and business authorization control at the network communication level. According to Wang Yanhui, director of the Technology Center of Shilian Power, "This method can prevent core network resources from being constrained by structural security; deep integration of passwords and network protocols can ensure information security without affecting transmission efficiency, and thus form a new network transmission method. "

At present, depending on the networking technology, the domestic cryptographic technology is deeply integrated to form the "SecureV2V" encryption protocol, which can be used as the underlying bearer network to build the V2V industrial Internet. It is based on the security of the computing environment, guaranteed by regional border security and communication network security, and based on the security management center. As the core information security guarantee system, it implements security protection from multiple angles to provide operating space for industrial Internet network communication, industrial data security, business application security, and controllable business control rights. The security performance of the network is based on autonomous security and based on password security, and can endogenously isolate and be immune to attacks on the IP system network and application layer. In 2019, its security performance passed multiple attacks and defensive evaluations, which verified that V2V Industrial Internet is not susceptible to network attacks when carrying out video conferencing, video surveillance, industrial data scheduling and other services.

The development of the industrial Internet will promote the data circulation and sharing of all elements of the industrial economy, the entire industrial chain, and the entire value chain through the aggregation, processing, analysis, sharing, and application of various data resources, so as to realize the overall management and management of various resources in the industrial field. Leveling. Wang Yanhui said: "V2V industrial Internet can provide a new network service model, combined with big data analysis, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other emerging technologies, to meet the new needs of information construction, integration and interconnection, real-time and efficient, visualization and intelligence."

Industry insiders said that solving the security problems in complex environments with innovative ideas and building a new type of basic security network will also become the future development direction of the communications industry along with the construction of the industrial Internet.

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