The installation distance and distance from the ground of the street lamp in the industrial plant

The installation distance, distance from the ground, and range of the street lamps in the general factory area are: 500 meters, 5.6 meters, and 50 meters. At the same time, the street lamp lighting design of the roads in the factory area should be comprehensively considered in conjunction with the road grade. The lamps are usually semi-cut, and the height of the lamppost is 4.5 meters to 9 meters. Lighting fixtures are usually 250W or 400W metal halide lamps. Pedestrian-only roads usually use street lamps with a pole height of 4.5 meters to 6 meters. For roads only for vehicle passage, street lamps with a pole height of 9 meters can be selected. Most of the road lighting fixtures in the production area of ​​the factory use 6-meter light poles. At this time, the fixed distance is not easy to be greater than 45 meters.

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Hardfacing overlay ductwork square to rounds, as the name suggests, convert square or rectangular ductwork to round wherever such a transition is required. This may be to connect rectangular ductwork to ventilation equipment designed for a circular connection, or to change the duct shape to pass through a confined space. In confined areas such as ceiling voids (the space between the suspended and structural ceiling of a building) it's common to see ductwork runs comprised of both rectangular and round spiral duct - the main duct and branches are rectangular as the equivalent sized round duct may not fit into the ceiling void. Square to rounds provide the means to make this transition.

Square To Round Transitions

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