How to install the set-top box wireless TV set-top box

Now watching TV at home many families have started to use wireless TV set-top boxes, but there are many people do not understand how to use the set-top box ? How to install the installation, the following small series of simple introduction to how to use the set-top box and how to install the wireless TV set-top box It.

·How to use the set-top box

1, network access is different; "network set-top box" can be seen as a through the Internet Internet access to video programs "set-top box." In other words, an ordinary set-top box is connected to a coaxial cable, which is a cable television network. The network set-top box is connected to a network cable, and the Internet is used.

2. The main functions are different; the programs watched by traditional TVs are all fixed, and cannot access the Internet. They can not control TV programs with their own preferences, and do not have content and applications that can be loaded.

3. High-definition set-top box refers to the technical equipment needed to watch high-definition television. In addition to meeting high-definition channels, it also has high-definition interactive digital television network capabilities, but also allows viewers to enjoy high-definition picture when they can leave home. Through the high-definition interactive television enjoy online education, online booking registration, online payment and other "one-stop" online services, and even telephone charges, utility bills, gas costs and all other costs can also be found on the interactive network and pay.

·How to install wireless TV set-top box

The installation of wireless TV set-top boxes is still relatively simple. Generally, there are corresponding operating instructions in the packaging of wireless TV set-top boxes. The installation of wireless TV set-top boxes for each brand is somewhat different, but it can be done according to the instructions on the instructions.

Wireless TV set-top boxes generally have video cables, some are AV ports, and some are HDMI high-definition cables. They are connected to TVs using video cables. Wireless TV set-top boxes have built-in WIFI and do not have to be connected to the cable. You can directly connect to the wireless at home. Router, so just get it.

The relevant information on how to use the set-top box is introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will help you. If you still have anything you don’t understand, you can follow our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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