What are the new building energy-saving materials

The new type of building energy-saving materials refers to a type of construction material that uses new process technologies in the manufacturing process, has the characteristics of energy saving, soil conservation, waste disposal, and environmental protection, and can improve building functions. Building new energy-saving materials for buildings highlights the characteristics of energy conservation in the production and use of products. So, what are the new building energy-saving materials ? Let's take a look together.


New building energy-saving materials

Energy-saving building materials are materials used to reduce energy consumption of buildings, including new wall materials, thermal insulation materials, waterproof sealing materials, ceramic materials, new chemical materials, decoration materials, and comprehensive utilization of various industrial waste residues. . Buildings using these materials can achieve the effect of “cool in winter and cool in summer”, which is both energy-saving and comfortable. With such a shortage of energy resources, the promotion of energy-saving building materials should be of great practical significance.


Various types of new building energy-saving materials introduced in detail

1, new wall materials

For its varieties, the new wall materials mainly include bricks, blocks, plates, etc., such as clay hollow bricks, clay bricks mixed with waste, non-clay bricks, building blocks, aerated concrete, lightweight boards, composite boards, and the like. Usually these new wall materials are mainly made of fly ash, coal gangue, stone powder, slag, bamboo charcoal, etc.

The new wall materials are characterized by light weight, heat insulation, sound insulation, insulation, formaldehyde-free, benzene-free, and no pollution. Some new types of composite energy-saving wall materials integrate fire protection, waterproof, moisture proof, sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, and other functions. The assembly is simple and quick, and the wall is thinner and has more space for use.

2, thermal insulation material

Insulation materials and insulation materials are collectively referred to as insulation materials.

Commonly used thermal insulation material classification: mineral wool, rock wool, glass wool (based on rock, slag as the main raw material, the high temperature melting, cotton made by centrifugation and other methods and the thermosetting resin binder for thermal insulation Products.), Foam plastics and porous polymers, expanded perlite and its products, calcium silicate thermal insulation products, various composite thermal insulation materials, etc.

(1) It is mainly used for thermal insulation of building walls and roofs;

(2) Thermal insulation of thermal equipment and heat pipes;

(3) It is also widely used in refrigerating rooms and refrigeration equipment.

3, waterproof seal material

Waterproof materials are important functional materials required by the construction industry and other related industries and are an important part of the building materials industry. With the rapid development of China's national economy, industrial buildings and civil buildings have put forward many varieties and high quality requirements for waterproof materials.

4, energy-saving doors and windows and energy-saving glass

Building doors and windows and building curtain walls are part of the building envelope structure. They are the most active and sensitive parts of the building's heat exchange, heat transfer, and 5-6 times the loss of heat from the wall. The energy saving of doors and windows and curtain walls accounts for about 40% of the building's energy saving, and it has the right to its important position.


5, comprehensive utilization of solar energy

Solar energy is the most abundant, cleanest and most ideal energy that humans can use. With the continuous breakthrough of solar photoelectric conversion technology, it has become possible to use solar energy in buildings.

What about the above-mentioned new building energy-saving materials is briefly introduced here, and I hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

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