Safety matters to be aware of in the kitchen

The knights in the Swordsman's Rivers and Lakes can be described as tricks and tricks. Our daily home life, 岂 can make some kitchen electricity problems trouble! The unsafe factors of kitchen electricity destroy our healthy kitchen environment, like the knights in the rivers and lakes, see the tricks, "smile" kitchen, but also Not difficult.

The reporter learned that the current high-end brands in the kitchen and bathroom industry have made a lot of effort in the safety performance of kitchen appliances. For example, Boss Electric proposed that kitchen appliances should create a healthy kitchen environment for consumers and use safety as the basis of the five standard platforms for kitchen appliances. When the reporter recently interviewed {TodayHot} boss appliances, they obtained a lot of food safety. Practical "True Classics".

Hood safety

The cooking method in our country is mainly based on cooking, and the oil is more polluted. The function of the range hood is not only to take away cooking fumes, but also to eliminate gas pollution. On the one hand, it is the gas leaking during ignition and flameout. On the other hand, the gas generates insufficient exhaust gas during the combustion process. In particular, petroleum liquefied gas contains a variety of carcinogens, which is more harmful to health than cooking fumes.

Therefore, whether it is cooking or boiled water, open the range hood. It is best to turn on the range hood for 1-2 minutes before cooking to get better smoke removal effect; after cooking, keep on for 1-2 minutes to completely drain the residual fumes.

When opening the range hood, you should not only pay attention to the cooking fumes, but also add fresh air to ensure the air in the entire room is unblocked. This can improve the suction and discharge capacity of the soot, ensure and ensure that the gas has sufficient oxygen when burning, to prevent or reduce the damage caused by insufficient combustion of the gas.

In addition, the installation position of the range hood is very important and cannot be installed on solid fuels (such as coal, wood, etc.); it is forbidden to clean the range hood with flammable solvents such as alcohol, banana water and gasoline.

If the wok is on fire, it is best to take the wok off the stove immediately to prevent the range hood from inhaling the flame and causing an explosion.

Finally, the boss's electrical technicians reminded consumers to remember to unplug and cut off the power before replacing the hood. When replacing the lamp, the power should not exceed the maximum {HotTag} value indicated on the manual.

Gas stove safety

The gas stove is the protagonist of the kitchen of the urban residents. According to the survey, the gas stove ownership rate of urban households in China has exceeded 90%, which is significantly higher than the household penetration rate of other kitchen and bathroom products such as range hoods, water heaters, microwave ovens, rice cookers and so on. The core technology of gas stoves focuses on combustion performance and safety. Safety is the core indicator of gas stoves.

It is especially important to "burn enough" in the performance of gas stoves. Evenly burning will not only prevent the kitchen from being environmentally friendly, but also help to save gas. In order to ensure the correct use of the user, the basics are mastered. The user installs and uses the instructions according to the instructions, including regular cleaning of the surface of the gas stove and the burner part of the burner.

During daily use, the user should regularly check whether the connection of the gas pipe is stable and whether the gas pipe itself is aging or leaking. At the same time, pay attention to the air circulation during the cooking process to prevent the exhaust gas generated during the combustion of the gas stove from harming the body.

High-quality kitchen appliances will protect the safety of users and the health of the surrounding environment, provided that they are reasonably used by consumers. For new buyers, the boss's electrical technicians remind the user to carefully read the user manual provided by the manufacturer and pay attention to the after-sales service of the company. As a result, the safe and healthy kitchen environment can be easily maintained. This "smile" kitchen is no longer a problem.

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