Injection molding amorphous metal has a 70% shorter molding cycle

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Injection molding machine manufacturer Engel Austria and technology and materials specialist Heraeus are integrating their expertise in amorphous metal processing.

Under the name "Amloy", Heraeus has developed a new range of amorphous metal alloys. For the processing of these metal alloys, ENGEL has developed a special injection molding machine. Since the cycle time is reduced by 70% and the final finished parts can be produced in large quantities in a fully automated manner, and these finished parts have features that have not been compatible at the same time, creating conditions for opening up new applications For example, in the automotive, aerospace, medical technology, industrial, household goods and electronics industries.

Watch ring molded with Amloy amorphous metal

Watch ring molded with Amloy amorphous metal

The new Amloy product line developed by Heraeus is an amorphous metal consisting of a zirconium-based alloy and a copper-based material. The use of copper reduces the unit price of the material and opens up a wider range of applications. Currently, Heraeus is researching alloys based on titanium, iron and platinum.

Amorphous metals are characterized by an irregular amorphous structure compared to pure metals and conventional alloys, which give them a very high degree of elasticity while being very hard. This material is very elastic, extremely resistant to corrosion and is biocompatible according to ISO 10993-5. Combining these properties, amorphous metals are superior to steel, titanium, and many other materials.

Total cycle time and energy consumption are significantly reduced

Another big advantage of Amloy is that it is optimized for injection molding. For the processing of Amloy, ENGEL, based in Schwertberg, Austria, has developed a new hydraulic injection molding machine, which differs from the traditional injection molding machines for plastics in the injection process. The biggest advantage is the Amloy blank. Uniform heating. Depending on the size and geometry of the product, one or more parts with extremely high surface quality can be produced in a single cycle of 60 to 120 s and ready for use without manual post-processing. . This makes injection molding superior to traditional processes such as MIM (Metal Powder Injection Molding) and CNC. The composition of this raw material and the fully automated production process from melting to dynamic adjustment of the injection process shortens the production cycle time by 70% and reduces the heating energy required by 40% to 60%, which significantly increases injection molding. The cost-effectiveness of amorphous metals.

Engel injection molding machine for processing amorphous metals

Engel injection molding machine for processing amorphous metals

Use without a license

Amloy is particularly suitable for precision components used in heavy machinery, as well as very high quality decorative components for automotive, aerospace, medical technology, industrial, household goods and electronics. In these applications, the replacement of steel, titanium or technical plastics with Alloy alloys eliminates the need for additional chrome plating after injection molding. All Amloy materials and injection molding machines are available free of charge for customers.

The two partners, ENGEL and Heraeus, are working to expand their expertise in amorphous metals. In 2015, ENGEL first introduced its injection molding solution for the processing of amorphous metals. Heraeus has been developing amorphous metals for about three years. Through the cooperation of both parties, Heraeus is narrowing the production gap and becoming the only supplier in the world to provide comprehensive amorphous metal processing technology for both melting and forming, 3D printing and injection molding.

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