Activated carbon filter health starts from water quality

Activated charcoal filter is a kind of tank filter equipment, the outer shell is generally stainless steel or glass steel, filled with activated carbon, used to filter the water of the free, microbes, some heavy metal ions, and can effectively reduce the water color. Let's take a closer look at the role of the activated carbon filter and what to watch out for in the installation process.

[What is the role of activated carbon filter]
The work of activated carbon filter is done through the carbon bed. The activated carbon particles that make up the carbon bed have a lot of micropores and a large specific surface area, and have a strong physical adsorption capacity. Water passes through the carbon bed and the organic pollutants in the water are effectively adsorbed by the activated carbon. In addition, there are some oxygen-containing tube energy groups on the non-crystalline part of the activated carbon surface, so that organic pollutants in the water passing through the carbon bed are effectively adsorbed by the activated carbon. Activated carbon filter is a more commonly used water treatment equipment. As a pretreatment of water treatment desalination system, it can effectively guarantee the service life of downstream equipment, improve the quality of effluent, prevent pollution, especially prevent reverse osmosis membrane, ion exchange resin, etc. Free oxygen poisoning pollution.
【Characteristics of activated carbon filter】

1, high efficiency: 24-hour continuous work, without shutdown backwash.
2. Low operating cost: no backwash pump with high head and high flow.
3, low maintenance costs: In addition to quartz sand filter material in the course of its operation without any rotating parts, low failure rate, maintenance costs.
4. One-off investment is low: There is no need to set up facilities such as a coagulation tank and a clarifier, and there is no need for counter-flushing pump, electric and pneumatic valves and other equipment.
5. Small head loss: single filter material and filter material are cleaned in time, the head loss is small, and the total head loss is ≤ 0.5m.
6. Inlet water quality requirements are loose: long-term exposure to 150mg/L SS influent water quality, short-term exposure to 300mg/L concentration of SS impact and the water quality is unchanged.
7, stable water quality, good filtering effect. The filter material can be cleaned in a timely manner to ensure high-quality, stable effluent effects and no periodic fluctuations in water quality.
8. Easy to modify and expand: The unit operation mode adopted can flexibly increase or decrease the number of filters according to the change of water quantity, and it is easy to modify and expand.
9, small footprint, beautiful appearance: It will be the traditional three-stage reclaimed water treatment process as a whole, saving about 70-80% of the land; appearance is more beautiful and compact.
[Activated Carbon Filter Installation Notes]

1. The oil suction strainer at the pump inlet;
2. High pressure oil filter on the pump outlet oil line;
3. Low-pressure oil filter on the system return oil;
4. A bypass filtration system installed outside the system.
5. Because the activated carbon adsorption function of the activated carbon filter has a certain saturation value, when the saturated adsorption capacity is reached, the adsorption function of the activated carbon filter will be greatly reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the analysis of the adsorption capacity of activated carbon, and to replace the activated carbon in time or through high-pressure steam. Sterilization resumes.
It is worth noting that in the initial stage of using activated carbon (or during the initial stage of activated carbon replacement), a small amount of extremely fine powdered activated carbon may enter the reverse osmosis system along with the water flow, causing fouling of the reverse osmosis membrane flow path and causing operating pressure. Increases, decreases in water production, and increases in pressure drop in the system, and this damage is difficult to restore with conventional cleaning methods. Therefore, the activated carbon must be rinsed and the fine powder removed before the filtered water can be sent to the subsequent RO system.
Xiao Bian concludes: We introduced the activated carbon filter for everyone. I hope to help everyone. For more relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention to this website information platform. Follow-up will present more exciting content for everyone.

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