Earthquake Science: Eight Questions and Eight Answers Create Earthquake Prevention Knowledge

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Yesterday (May 12th) was the anniversary of the 8th anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake.

We should learn to think rationally, and instead of being slightly moved (web rumors), we panic and cause unpredictable accidents. At the same time, with the appropriate knowledge of earthquakes, emergency emergency equipment at home is available to enable us to effectively protect our lives during the earthquake.

Multi-map warning, the following is about 8 knowledge points of earthquake, GET up.

1. Can earthquake monitoring and forecasting be realized?

2. Has the world entered an active period of earthquakes?

3. When the earthquake occurs, why does the ground break?

4. After the earthquake, why can't I make a call but can I send a text message?

5. Can humans induce earthquakes?

6. What is the mysterious phenomenon after the earthquake?

7. Is your earthquake emergency package ready?

8, how to identify earthquake rumor?

When a disaster event occurs, everyone will have different psychological reactions. In the face of danger, people will feel afraid. However, we should be stronger. If we can maintain a good attitude and a rational response, and usually master scientific methods of self-rescue and salvation, we can calmly respond and reduce casualties and losses. Re-emphasize that disaster prevention is more than disaster relief. Ample self-help knowledge reserves can both protect our personal safety and contribute to the rescue of others.

The graphic content of this article is from "China Popular Science" and is edited and reorganized by China Rescue Equipment Network.

1) the tensile, compressive and shear strength of Steel Structure is very high, and the section of steel structure is small and the weight is light. High strength of steel structure makes it suitable for the construction of large load bridges; light weight can reduce the base load, and the cost of the foundation, and also facilitate transportation and hoisting.

2) the ductility and toughness of steel is better and concrete, so that the seismic performance of Steel Structure Bridge is better. The seismic and wind resistance are the guarantee of bridge safety. The excellent seismic performance of the steel structure bridge extends its use range, especially in the high intensity seismic area.

3) reduced construction period. The material of steel structure can be rolled into many kinds of profiles, which is simple and rapid. The transportation volume of building materials is less, the construction area occupies a small area.

 4) the quality of steel bridge is easy to be guaranteed. Steel structural members are generally manufactured and processed in factories, with high degree of industrialization and high precision.

5) the steel structure is the environmental protection product. The old components removed from the steel bridge can be remelting, saving energy and consistent with the policy of sustainable development. 

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