Before you buy furniture, you have to look at these 5 points

When buying furniture, many homeowners are very blind to the election, do not know what to look at, then the small series teach you, before choosing the furniture, have to look at these 5 points. Style positioning to buy furniture according to their own home decoration style to position, if the home decoration is a modern minimalist style, the furniture is to buy classical Chinese style, that is more uncoordinated arrangement ah, so the choice of furniture must first choose the style. The size of the size of the furniture to be measured relative to the placement of furniture for size measurement, so as not to buy back the furniture is too large or too small, so placed does not look good, especially now a lot of furniture city area is very large, all kinds of furniture It is well-coordinated and not too large to be placed inside, but some furniture is too big for your home. Oh, buy furniture before you go out and you need to measure the size. Of course, there are also many furniture customization services. a bit. There are various kinds of plates for the selection of furniture plates, so the selection of furniture should focus on the plates. The best selection of solid wood furniture plates is more environmentally friendly, but the price is relatively expensive. It is best not to choose wood-based panels for children and elderly people at home. The furniture for artificial panels is one of the sources of methanol at home. Wood-based panels are made by mixing wood chips, plant fibers and urea formaldehyde resin. Urea-formaldehyde resin is a compound of urea and formaldehyde. Chemically unstable, it will gradually decompose under natural conditions, regenerate formaldehyde and release it to the surrounding space. Due to this nature of urea formaldehyde resins, every wood-panel furniture has become an endless source of formaldehyde release. The choice of furniture plate is very important, and it is best to choose a large brand of guaranteed home products. Do not buy furniture with a strong pungent odor. Some furniture such as cabinets, etc., when the purchase opened the drawer or open the door when the smell of irritating people tears, this situation shows that the formaldehyde content of this furniture is seriously exceeded. This kind of furniture is very harmful to the body and is generally not recommended for purchase. If this type of furniture is purchased because of conditions, it is best to leave it for a while. Furniture prices to buy furniture Many people are concerned about the price, but a penny a point of delivery, the price is relatively low, the bargain is particularly easy to buy furniture is best not to buy oh. Don’t say anything else first. The price is so easy. When you think about it, you must be sure that something is wrong. Some furniture prices are particularly cheap. Sometimes the prices can even cost you thousands of dollars. In fact, most of the furniture is low in price. Material production is often done in gold and jade, and in which the consumer must be careful about this kind of seemingly cheap.

Furniture purchase

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