Is it true that plastic bottles can be ironed by injecting warm water?

Generally, we use the iron to iron clothes, but when we go out, we often encounter the situation without an iron. There are rumors on the Internet that it is possible to iron clothes with plastic bottles . Is this true? Experiments let everyone see it!
1. First, prepare a square plastic water bottle;
2. Pour about 60, 70 degrees of hot water into a plastic bottle;
3. Use a watering can to put a little water on the clothes, then slowly slap the plastic bottle... You will be pleasantly surprised to find that the clothes are really flat and perfect! Speed ​​to the TA that often goes out!
Props: square plastic bottle hot water sprayer clothes

Is it true that plastic bottles can be ironed by injecting warm water?
According to the requirements of netizens, prepare a square plastic water bottle, hot water, and a watering can. Pour about 60, 70 degrees of hot water into a plastic bottle. Then choose a pleated blue POLO shirt. This Polo shirt is generally thicker than a regular T-shirt. The preparation is complete.
Next, put the clothes flat on the table and start ironing. Use a watering can to spray less water on one side of the garment before ironing. Then the plastic bottle is slowly slid over, and it is obvious that it is much flatter than the half of the clothes that are not ironed, and the effect is very good.
In addition, the finishing technology in the modern garment technology has improved the ironing performance of the clothes to some extent. So it is much easier to sort it out than before. In addition to ironing cotton clothes, such a method, such as linen, silk natural fiber material can be used, you may wish to try.

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