2018 Tianyi Chengdu Family Fair

On March 26, 2019, the Shanghai Construction Expo will be held. There are a total of 7 exhibition halls in the Shanghai Construction Expo, of which Hall 3 and Hall 4.1 are custom-built halls, and many well-known brands such as Sofia , Shangpin Home Furnishing, AIA, Mercat etc. all attended. Sofia monk home delivery and so on are all A-share listed companies. In today's A-share market, the stocks of several major custom home furnishing companies have risen tremendously, Zhibang Home Furnishing has risen 10%, Oupai Home Furnishing has risen 6.2%, and Holocaust has gained 4.26% ...


Zhejiang Yongqiang's investment business suffered losses, just like Xilinmen cross-border film and television, ushered in the regrets of countless people. You are a good boxer, and you can win the championship if you do not necessarily play judo. You must be cautious. If you are a master in stocks, you have to mention the northward capital. Northbound funds refer to Hong Kong capital and international capital entering the A-share market. Hong Kong is a well-known financial capital and one of the world's five largest offshore financial markets. International capital can enter the A-share market through Hong Kong.

In fact, this year's A-share stocks rose sharply afterwards, and international capital contributed greatly. In the case where the A-shares were undervalued for too long, the rise in the stock market ignited. Since November last year, the capital of the north has been so fierce that the net purchase has exceeded 5 billion in 10 trading days.

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