What are the tiles and holes in the decoration punching tips?

When we are decorating the house, when we are on the wall, we must definitely punch holes, but what skills do we have when we make holes in the decoration, and what should be paid attention to when drilling the wall, but we don’t know much about these. Next, the decoration home Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the decoration punching skills and tile wall drilling should pay attention to what, I hope everyone in the decoration hole punching reference.


I. What are the decoration punching skills?

1. First of all, it is very simple to look at punching. It is actually a technical job, but when we are punching, we must not be too hasty. Also in the process of punching should be pulled back and forth, this can prevent dry powder stuck. However, the drill bit must be stable when the wall is punched. We should not shake it to the left, because you shake it together, which is equivalent to increasing the friction of the drill bit.

2. Next, let's talk about some people who are more anxious, but they always like to do things in one step, but they can't do this when punching. Also, everyone should grasp the strength when pressing down, when it is difficult to hit or when the decline is slow, but be sure to pull out the drill bit to see if there is a brick core broken in the drill bit.

3. Also, we don't have water pipes or water sources, but it is best not to use water to add holes in the drill bit and then drill holes in this way. We only need a small amount of water, and water will stick the powder. Make up the mud. Increasing the friction of the drill bit is harder than dry or water.

2. What should I pay attention to when drilling a ceramic tile wall?

1. First of all, there is also a hole in the whole tile, but you need to add water while playing, and you have to play when the tile is cool.

2. Next, if the tile cracks more seriously, but can be repaired with toothpaste, we look for toothpaste in the same color as the tile, and squeeze out some, but evenly spread it in the crack, and then it will be redundant. Wipe the toothpaste and wait for the toothpaste to dry out to hide the crack.


3. There is also a hole in the tile for expanding the bolt, but the width of the hole is selected according to the size of the bolt.

4. Then, when punching the tile, there is a hole in the hole, which prevents the hole from heating and causes the tile to crack.

When we were puncturing the decoration, we didn't know what the decoration techniques were, and what should we pay attention to. The above article said about the decoration punching techniques and what should be paid attention to when drilling the tile wall. If you want to know more For renovation information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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