In the Russian meteorite, we discovered new minerals that we have never seen before.

Gold miners in southern Russia are disappointed to learn that the spotted yellow rock they found is not a precious metal ore, but it is a rare space meteorite and contains a new mineral that has never been seen before.
The mineral comes from the Uakit meteorite, named after the Russian location it found. Scientists recently presented their new meteorite mineral, called uakitite, at the annual meeting of the Moscow Meteorological Society.
The researchers found that more than 98% of meteorites consist of diamond, an iron alloy and 5% to 10% nickel alloys, which are formed in space, found only in meteorites, which are rocks that fall from space onto the Earth's surface. The remaining 1% to 2% of meteorites are composed of more than a dozen minerals, most of which are formed in space. Most importantly, the researchers say, the extraordinary composition of space rock suggests that it must form at arduous temperatures, temperatures exceeding 1800 degrees Fahrenheit (1000 degrees Celsius).
The team examined the meteorites with a powerful microscope and found that the chalk was a tiny particle no larger than 5 microns, about 25 times smaller than the fine sand. This new mineral is so tiny that scientists can't piece together all of its physical properties. But they were able to determine that the mineral is structurally similar to the other two space minerals, to carbon iron ore and basalt. These minerals are called mononitrides because they contain a nitrogen atom in their chemical formula.
Victor Sharygin, a geologist at the Institute of Geology and Mineralogy of Novosibirsk, Russia, who is a principal researcher at uakitite, says that mononitrate is very hard and is sometimes used as an abrasive.
Some news publications report that uakitite is harder than diamonds, but Victor Shalikin says this is not the case. In fact, he said, “The hardness of uakitite cannot be measured directly because the particles are too small.” However, scientists used an integrated production of vanadium nitride to estimate the hardness, which is very similar to uakitite. According to Victor Shalikin, the synthetic vanadium nitride, another mineral produced at extremely hot temperatures, may be the only mineral that is as hard as a diamond.
Researchers predict that at Mohs hardness levels, uakitite has a hardness rating between 9 and 10, which means it is very hard and has a diamond hardness rating of 10. Victor Shalikin explained that uakitite hardness is lower than the hardness of diamonds. ”

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