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Looking back on the past year, consumers have gained a broader perspective, they have a new understanding and demand for home, and they have different expectations and desires for the market;

In the furniture industry in 2018, the market reshuffle intensified, many furniture companies closed down, and even more furniture brand renewal iterations.

Furniture companies have been eliminated by the market in a round of rigorous screening and higher service requirements, or have grown steadily;

Many home furnishing brands are aiming at a broader field to replenish their own energy. Whole-house customization and design innovation are becoming mainstream trends ... In the home furnishing industry that is complex and changeable, but closely related to every ordinary person Change from one another and keep changing.

In the new year, how should furniture companies recognize their direction in a complex consumer environment? There is a trick to grab orders, Rongzun teaches you how to sell furniture!


Shopping malls are like battlefields. All furniture companies know this truth. However, in the face of the “first wolf and less meat” situation in the entire front-line consumer market , many furniture companies are worried and helpless.

The editor summed up the various promotional contents and means of the previous furniture industry's preheating in February and detonating in March, and summed up the three Dalian ring moves in the market in 2019 .

The first is to "win with victory" and dare to fight ; the second is to comprehensively cover up with " strong bullying" ; the last is to "win more with less" to highlight the combat strength of the army.

Win quickly and be bold

All the time, the market performance of all furniture companies is grabbed, not waiting. Today, the performance in the winter market is even more so. There are so many cakes, you do n’t desperately grab it, it ’s someone else ’s.

For all enterprises and distributors in 2019, there are no shortcuts or short cuts for market competition. You only need to remember one thing: that is to spell it out, do it, and grab it back.

In other words, regardless of the size of the company, its strength, in front of the market, in front of users, who can grab the front page, engage in activities, who can really grab the users.

In the process of grabbing cakes in the first-line market, three capabilities are involved: one is efficiency and speed, not only to be fast, but also to be able to launch products, prices and service content that users demand, which requires relevant departments and teams of the entire enterprise, It is necessary to reverse thoughts, change consciousness, coordinate up and down, and be consistent internally and externally, in order to control speed quickly;

The second is motivation and endurance. This market competition is not a guerrilla war, a shot at another place, but a protracted war . It must have a continuous sense of fighting, and must have the ability and physical strength. It requires companies to make a comprehensive plan, and Not temporary. First, the speed should be fast, others trot, you have to run fast; Second, keep running, if you ca n’t, you can go fast, and you need to go fast to get the first chance;

The third is to run against the trend, not to be afraid of market difficulties , but to be good at speeding up when others stop to breathe. Now, the most terrible thing for furniture companies is: people who are better than you are still running!

Comprehensive bullying with strong bullying

In the face of the wind and waves at sea, why do big ships always cope with ease? The key is that every big ship has "ballast stones" that can cope with all risks.

For furniture companies , with more than 30 years of development and reshuffle, the gap between large and small companies is also widening, and the ballast stones of large companies are getting heavier and heavier.

As a result, this has created more conditions and convenience for large enterprises to reshuffle their low-cost markets in the cold winter market environment. At present, no matter whether it is Chinese style in the furniture industry, European and American style, or software companies, or kitchen and bathroom, the brand concentration is already very high.

However, the polarization of the market is obvious. On the one hand, 3 or 5 companies occupy about 80% of the market share, and on the other hand, dozens or even more than 100 companies share less than 10% of the market share.

In the face of this market pattern, under the channel of slump in the entire market and weak consumption, the most effective way for large enterprises is to "bull one's strength".

The specific operation in the first-line market is to start a round of three-dimensional snatching battles from the three levels of high-end, middle-end and low-end. Not only the competition in the high-margin market, but also on all sides of the market at all levels such as high price, high demand, and large-scale volume.

This will be the focus of the furniture market in 2019 , that is, the multiple pressures of large companies forced by scale and profit growth will start a round of market competition in the global market.

Especially in the low price range where many small and micro speculators even depend on survival, some large furniture companies have found new ways to seize the demand and users in the low-end market without affecting the original image and positioning of the brand.

Once large companies have initiated a comprehensive reshuffle from the high-end, mid-end and low-end markets, and adopted the business method of "doing bullying", then the entire market is obviously not just as simple as reshuffle, but new business opportunities and space will emerge.

More wins less, user segmentation

Since 2018, the number of brands in the hands of Chinese furniture giants has continued to increase. In addition to acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions, and foreign brands introduced through joint ventures, there are old brands activated in the hands and new brands rebuilt. It can be seen that, as more and more brands appear in China's first-tier market, it is precisely the market segmentation and precise positioning of user needs.

Behind the increasing number of brands, it is precisely the leading furniture companies that use multi-brands to deeply cultivate a business strategy of different levels of consumer groups.

In the past, the era of eating all consumers with a single brand is long over. It is necessary to provide users of different classes and different favorites with their corresponding brand tones, product styles, and technical functions.

This is also the new bright spot in the first-line furniture market competition in 2019, and in the next few years. That is, with more wins and fewer wins, market segments and users can realize the new pattern of "detonating from one point" to "synergy among multiple points".

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