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Key skills in bearing production (1)

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Summary of Key Skills in Bearing Manufacturing: EDM wire cutting machining of the "runner" electrode in the NC machining process. Repeated tool processing and indexing machine tool attachment skills show a major breakthrough in the shaft class 4 CNC lathe machining source program KV1000 inverter in the flat plate The blade material and heat treatment of the machine tool in the leveling machine CA fine casting computer auxiliary engineering SIEMENSSINAUTMD720-3 The GP Mori machine dedicated to the S7-200 series PLC exhibits the multi-body dynamics simulation based on RecurDyn How to choose the type of wire cutting machine CNC machine tool servo motor fault repair terminology annotation - machining intermediate CNC machine tool blade grinding problem highlights high-speed milling when generating tool track optimization settings for the mold profession two high-performance new milling cutter tool soft PLC control Skills Overview Oil Pipeline Wire Production Line CNC Transformation CNC Lathe Basic Function Mitsubishi Machine Tool Long Tool Bar Boring Processing Example Skills Keys Bearing Sealing Experiment Smooth Rolling Discussion China Modern Simulation Skills Computer Widely Used Rapid Development Skills Specific Practices Application Conditions Bearings Load direction, fine and smooth method, rotation speed Environmental parameters bearing parameters entered into the computer through calculus knows bearings can reach the assessments of bearing life depicted in combination can significantly reduce this experimental approach experimental time before human experiments end funds bearing production cuts.
Modern simulation skills are rapidly developed along with the widespread use of computers. The specific practice of this skill is to input the bearing load direction, size, smooth method, rotation speed and environmental parameters, and bearing main parameters in a certain operating condition; Calculus; know the number of years the bearing can reach; then evaluate whether the bearing depiction can be used together. This experimental method can greatly shorten the experimental time; reduce the manpower and experimental funds; can be used before the bearing is not finished; A quick and worry-free experimental method. The leading foreign bearing industry companies SKF and NTN have reached the leading level in the study of bearing simulation experiment skills.
Current development trends at home and abroad; domestic and international bearing experimental methods; there are four main types: first, conflict wear experiment; second, experimental bench test; third, laboratory (experimental field) imitation experiment; fourth, practice working condition experiment. It has been applied to several kinds of experimental methods mentioned above; however, the application intention is different; for example; the development of a brand new product; the first thing to do is the conflict wear test. However, if the friction wear mode does not change much; only the product scale and load conditions change. Only need to do the gantry, imitation or practice test. Foreign countries to some of the key parts of the new products (such as car wheel bearings, etc.) check is extremely strict; must be tested by practice; talent is approved for use. Sweden SKF, NTN recently studied the bearing simulation experiment skills and can only replace the bench, imitation or experiment; to shorten the time of product description; accelerate the progress of product development; but there is still distance from the practice of operation. Today; China's bearing profession has opened conflict Wear test; as long as Luoyang Bearing Research Institute, has opened the bearing bench experiment; Luoyang Bearing Research Institute, Shanghai Institute, Hangzhou Bearing Experimental Middle and Wafangdian, Harbin and other more than 20 state-owned bearing companies, can open the simulation experiment with Luoyang Bearing Research Institute, Hangzhou Bearing Experimental Middle and Luo axis, Xen shaft and other companies. As long as the supporting host company puts forward this demand, the bearing production company will carry it out; for example, the railway passenger wheel to the bearing and the wheel bearing of the car, etc.; the national connotation open imitation and practice operation experiment is not extensive; should be further expanded The size of the host or the scale of the practice; for the simulation experiment, the schedule is well prepared for the software and hardware.
The main discussion content and guidelines for the simulation experiment; first need to carry out bench or simulation experiments on some representative types of typical products; find the functional relationship between the lifespan and the bearing, working conditions; then use this connection; Carry out bearing depiction and experimental work; this is generally only for the experiments that are extremely important products. According to our existing talents; the first ten years of the last policy is to carry out railway vehicle bearings, automotive wheel bearings and high-speed grinding spindle bearings. Simulation experiment research; and gradually have certain simulation experimental conditions. The discussion contents are as follows:
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