300 times of quizalofop- ing to prevent tobacco field weeds with half the effort

In 2013, the technicians of the Wenshan Prefecture Tobacco Company in Yunnan Province, the branch of the company, came to Maanshan Village, Biyun Village Committee, Ganhe Township, Daishan County to test the spraying of quizalofol in the tobacco field, mainly studying different concentrations of fine The effect of quizalofop (also known as Yantianjing) on ​​weeds such as rehmannia grass, bamboo leaf grass, trichomoniagrass, forked fork, and high-grade zhizhi, China Pesticides Network Xiaobian provides the published results, as follows:
Through this experiment, it was found that the spraying effect of different concentrations of quizalofop- ing was significant, the herbicidal effect was 50%~90%, and the cost was reduced by 76.9-90.20 yuan/666.7 m2 than manual weeding. Since the herbicidal effect of spraying 700 times is only about 50%, it is recommended to use 300 times to 500 times, which is not only the best, but also only 30~40 yuan/666.7m2. The concentration of Shiqian Quering was 300~500 times, and the herbicidal effect was the best, both of which reached more than 80%.
On the other hand, analysis from the economic benefits shows that the spraying of quizalofop- ing is greatly reduced compared with manual weeding, and the average can be reduced by 84.36 yuan / 666.7 m2. The pesticide network is understood to be different, and the difference in the cost of spraying is different. The injections of 700 times, 500 times, and 300 times were respectively 29.80 yuan / 666.7 m 2 , 34 yuan / 666.7 m 2 , 43.1 yuan / 666.7 m 2 .