Home bathroom Feng Shui common sense (Figure)

The two major pieces of the bathroom are the toilet and the mirror. These two things are placed, and the feng shui in the bathroom is basically qualified.

There are three main principles here:

First, the mirror and the toilet should not be right. The toilet is used as a place to drain the stolen goods. It is not necessary to "see the mirror". As long as you can't see the mirror on the toilet, it is a reasonable face to see the toilet when you look in the mirror.

Second, the toilet, the mirror are not facing the door of the bathroom.

Third, the bathroom must have a window, and the window must be open. There is a window in the bathroom, and the window is always open, so that the helium and moisture in the room can be discharged out of the window to keep the air dry and fresh.

Bathroom color

The color of the bathroom is light. White is the most common color in the bathroom. It looks clean and bright, which is consistent with people's needs for the bathroom. This is called “the dirty place is especially clean, the smelly place should be more fragrant”, which is a principle of complementarity and balance. Flexible use. It is best not to use large red and golden yellow in the bathroom. These colors are fire in the five elements, and the bathroom is used as a place for excretion of stolen goods. As a hiding place for "little people", it is impossible to make it "fire".

Other attention to the bathroom

The floor of the bathroom should not be higher than the living room. It is best not to have a bathroom in the master room. The bathroom should not be too much. Otherwise, it would be like a "little person everywhere". For modern urban homes, for example, 100 square meters, the bathroom area is 5 to 8 percent, and it should not be too large. In addition, if you buy a large house, there is not much people in the family, and there is no need for two bathrooms. If you want to use the empty bathroom, don't change it into a bedroom, because it is a bad feng shui. .