How is the aluminum alloy door broken?

[China Aluminum Industry Network] (1) broken material. Breaking material, also known as "under the material", is the aluminum door production by the previous process, but also a key process. Cutting material is mainly used for cutting materials. The length of material should be determined according to the design requirements and referring to the large sample drawing of the door and window construction. The cutting is required to be accurate; otherwise, the founder of the door and window is difficult to guarantee that the blanking size error value should be controlled within 2mm. In general, the cutting of sliding doors and windows should adopt right-angle cutting; the cutting of flat doors and windows should adopt 45-degree angle cutting; other types should be selected according to the assembling method.

(2) Drilling. The frame fan assembly of aluminum alloy doors and windows is generally connected by screws, so whether it is the assembly of horizontal and vertical poles or the fixing of accessories, it is necessary to drill holes in the corresponding positions. Profile drilling, can use a small bench drill or **** drill, the former due to a table, so it can effectively ensure the accuracy of the drilling position; and the latter is because of the ease of operation. Before drilling, according to the requirements of the assembly, the wire should be positioned on the section. The location of the drill hole must be accurate and the hole diameter should be suitable. The drilling must not be changed repeatedly on the surface of the section. Once the hole is formed, it is difficult to repair.

(3) Assembly. According to the requirements of the large construction drawings, the profiles are assembled by screwing through the connecting pieces. Aluminum alloy doors and windows are assembled with 45° butt joints, right angle butt joints and vertical butt joints. The connection of horizontal and vertical rods is generally made of special connectors or aluminum corners, and then fixed with screws, bolts or aluminum pull nails. The quality of aluminum alloy door assembly should meet the following requirements: 1 Doors and windows should not have obvious damage to the decorative surface. Local scraping and scratching of each door and window shall not exceed the requirements of Table 1. The coloring surface of adjacent members on the 2 doors and windows shall not have obvious color difference. 3 The surface of doors and windows should be free of aluminum chips, burrs, oil spots or other stains. Assembly joints should not have spilled adhesive. 4 window frame size deviation, should comply with the provisions of Table 2. The gap between the 5 door frames, the assembly of the adjacent components of the fan and the difference between the same plane shall comply with the requirements of Table 3.