Photovoltaic power has the potential to target the market

The era of great light heat is approaching. China's light and heat industry needs a clear direction for change, such as the Great Heat. At the 7th China New Energy International Summit Forum recently held, Sunrise Xuanxin, chairman of the Four Seasons Mu-Xi, believes that Daguang is to break through the boundaries of the existing light and heat industry and realize the development from low temperature to medium and high temperature. Technical upgrades, and extensions from hot water to thermal energy and thermal power, at the same time, we must open up and integrate industrialization thinking to open up the solar energy and air energy industries and achieve horizontal expansion.

The so-called light and heat, is an important form of solar energy use, including solar water heaters, solar thermal power generation, solar water desalination and so on. As far as the current technology is concerned, the more mature ones are the use of CSP and solar water heaters.

CSP has potential

Unlike entangled solar photovoltaics, the development of solar thermal energy, while seldom a halo, has developed steadily. The data show that after nearly 10 years of rapid development, China's annual output of light and heat has reached 100 billion yuan, and the annual output of solar collectors exceeds 42 million square meters, accounting for more than 70% of the world's total.

Another difference from the photovoltaic industry is that 95% of solar thermal output is digested domestically. As the contribution rate of energy conservation has become increasingly prominent, macroeconomic policies are also helping the industry. In the first half of this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of the Solar Water Heater Industry” to explicitly promote the optimization and upgrading of the solar water heater industry and give full play to the scale effect of industrial clusters. By 2015, it will cultivate three annual sales of 2.5 million. Leading companies above Taiwan.

However, in the view of Li Jun, the president of Four Seasons Mu Ge, in addition to solar water heaters, the industry scale of medium-to-high-temperature thermal energy and high-temperature thermal power in terms of trillions of yuan remains to be developed. For example, a recent report by foreign media shows that the total global installed installed capacity of CSP power generation is currently 7.5GW, and another 8.5GW is under development. Although the total installed capacity of 16 GW is not worth mentioning compared to the installed capacity of photovoltaic or wind power, this still means that the global solar thermal power generation industry has entered the third boom period. The report said.

Business must aim

For enterprises, Li Jun believes that although Daguang Thermal is the direction, after the opening of the industrial chain, what companies need to do is to build a new industrial ecosystem through industrial integration, consider the new environment with a new perspective, and develop new ones. Development Strategy.

At the corporate strategy level, the current task is to use solar thermal energy as the core, through the combination of technological innovation and multi-energy technologies, to transform from a single energy source to a composite energy source, and to expand from a single hot water to a medium-high temperature field of thermal energy and thermoelectricity. Jun Li suggested that in the process of industrial integration, multi-energy composite application technology and energy storage technology are very important steps.

Li Jun also reminded companies to develop a business model called Urban Hot Water Banking. The potential development model is that the city hot water bank can be understood as a product, but it can also be understood as a solution or a platform. In the future, it provides energy community services. Like the Internet, there are energy suppliers and architects' clubs on this network. , The renovation of the collective, BOT financing platform, energy use units, at the same time, but also through strategic promotion, so that the solar energy industry upgrade.

From the perspective of potential market opportunities, in the past few years, the rural and third-tier cities have always been the main battlefield of solar thermal energy. However, according to research, with the increasing urgency of urban energy conservation and the acceleration of urbanization, the path of light and heat companies to deepen the urban market is increasingly clear.