Analysis of Development Status of Energy-saving Leads for Special Cables

As the pace of national power grid construction continues to accelerate, our country attaches great importance to the construction of the power grid based on the ever-increasing power demand. For this reason, China has successively introduced a series of policies to accelerate the development of electric power. Zhang Ziyin, deputy director of the Design Information Company of the State Grid Economic and Technical Research Institute, once stated that “the power grid construction is now very focused on energy efficiency, and energy-efficient wires such as medium-strength aluminum alloy wires have a better application prospect.”

From 2009, the State Grid Corporation of China began to comprehensively promote the implementation of "two types of three new" (ie, resource-saving, environment-friendly, new technologies, new materials, and new processes), saving corridor resources on the premise of ensuring the reliability of transmission lines. Improve the transmission capacity of the line, reduce the overall cost of construction and operation, and vigorously promote energy-saving wires.

Since the beginning of this year, China's energy-saving conductor pilot project construction has been "overwhelming." According to sources, the National Grid plans to fully promote energy-saving wires in 2014 and strive to achieve energy-saving wire replacement of ordinary ACSR at an early date. At the same time, along with the application of the National Grid Corporation's energy-saving conductor pilot promotion, the demand for energy-saving wires has soared.

As early as 2012, the State Grid Corporation of China carried out pilot applications for energy-saving conductors such as medium-strength all-aluminum stranded wires, and achieved comprehensive benefits.

In 2013, the State Grid Corporation of China comprehensively considered factors such as the production capacity and quality control of energy-conserving conductors, used transmission line projects with a high number of hours to carry out pilot projects for expansion, and improved the quality control guarantee mechanism for energy-saving conductors.

In the afternoon of October 28th, outside the 220kv transformer substation of Huinong 220kv in the Ningxia Shizuishan hub power station, Ningxia Power Grid completed the erection of the first new energy-saving conductor pilot line—Henong Baofeng 110 kV line. With the successful access of the line to the Huinong 220 kV substation, the first pilot line of the new energy-saving conductor in Ningxia Power Grid will be officially put into operation. The first energy-saving conductor in the Ningxia Power Grid used medium-strength aluminum alloy strands, which was also the first time in the northwest region.

At present, most of the transmission lines in China still use ACSR with a conductivity of 53%, while the energy-conserving conductors (all-strength aluminum alloy strand) have a 5.5% higher conductivity than steel stranded conductors and have a transmission capacity. Large, low resistance loss, corrosion resistance, low engineering cost and other advantages. According to statistics, the loss of power transmission and distribution lines in the country amounts to 171 billion kWh, which is approximately 59.85 million tons of standard coal. If the domestic 20% of transmission lines adopt this energy-saving technology, the annual loss of the line can be reduced by more than 1 billion degrees, and 36 million tons of standard coal can be saved.

According to a power professional, the medium-strength all-aluminum alloy strands were treated with a special process, which greatly improved the creep resistance and reduced the chance of accidents due to creep. All of the aluminum alloys used in the structure were made of conductive aluminum alloy. Single strands are concentrically stranded. In this structure, the aluminum alloy wire simultaneously assumes the role of conductive and reinforcing core, and can completely replace the steel core and other additional reinforcing elements. In addition, the wire has no hysteresis loss and eddy current loss when used. At the same time, the problem of reducing the service life of wires due to electrochemical corrosion between different materials is also solved.

The new type of energy-saving wire can be said to have many advantages. Not only does it have a relatively long service life, but in the same line corridor, the transmission capacity of the wire will increase by 5% to 10% over the existing conventional wire, and the current capacity will increase by about 5%. In contrast, the utilization of wire resources has been greatly improved, and the cost of the project has also been reduced by about 3,000 yuan per ton compared with the conventional wire.

At present, several large-scale cable plants in China have mastered a full set of core technologies. The production of qualified aluminum alloy energy-saving wires is not a problem. The problem is that the current domestic aluminum alloy cable market has not been fully activated. From the perspective of cable companies, it is hoped that the country will introduce relevant policy support, expand the scope and amount of energy-saving wire trials, and mobilize the production and development enthusiasm of cable companies. At the same time, companies must also cultivate their own internal strength and focus more on product innovation and quality control.

Although energy-conserving wire is still in trial and development stage in China, it is exciting but not long ago, a news report said that at present in the scope of our country, there has been a cable plant to achieve zero breakthrough in energy-saving wire sales.

In order to adapt to market changes, TBEA Xinjiang New Cable Factory actively devoted itself to the research and development of energy-saving conductors. In 2013, it completed the research and development of a full range of energy-saving conductors. The representative product developed by JL/LHA1-745/335-42/ 37 aluminum alloy core aluminum stranded wire, JLHA3-675-61 medium strength aluminum alloy stranded wire and JL4/G1A-630/45-45/7 steel core high conductivity aluminum stranded wire also successively participated in the Chinese power companies in 2013 According to the new product certification organized by the Federation Outcome Evaluation Office, the participating experts said that the technical level of the energy-saving wire series products developed by the Xinjiang cable plant has reached the domestic advanced level.

With the birth of these new products, in order to further reduce the power loss of transmission lines and improve the efficiency of electric energy utilization, the country’s pilot application of energy-saving conductor products in the construction of power grids has made great contributions.

After passing the appraisal, the company successfully won the bid for the 159.58 tons of high-conductivity aluminum stranded steel core wire in the fourth batch of bidding activities for the transmission line materials of the State Grid Corporation of China in 2013, with a successful bid of RMB 2.6382 million.

The bid won the breakthrough in sales of energy-saving cables for domestic cable companies. It also added confidence and determination for the marketing of aluminum-core aluminum-strand aluminum wires and medium-strength aluminum alloy strands in the later stages of the industry. In the future, the energy-saving wire series products developed by China's cable companies will replace imported energy-saving wires and appear in the country's large-scale power project projects and gradually move toward the international market.

It is worth noting that with the rise of energy-saving cables, when China’s cable companies are involved in this field, they must plan the direction of development of the company, and make it stronger and bigger. This is not a business philosophy that is bigger and stronger first. Otherwise, sometimes blindly expanding the scale without creating the company's core competitiveness will become a kind of hollow development, which is unreliable. The first to be stronger, the core competitiveness of the company will be there, the product is done well, the visibility is naturally improved, and the brand image of the company and the product is gradually established. Then, with steady progress and development, companies will become more and more solid. Even if they encounter risks and challenges, they will be able to see the sunrise through the clouds.

In addition, since this new type of energy-saving wire uses aluminum alloy as the raw material, we believe that with the promotion and application of the pilot of energy-saving conductors of the State Grid Corporation of China in Jiangxi, Hunan, and Ningxia, the increase in research and development efforts of energy-saving cables by cable companies in China and energy saving The wire has the unique advantages of material saving, light weight, corrosion resistance, long life, etc. In the future development of power grid construction, energy-saving leads will become the dominant power transmission. Adding new vitality to the future development of China's cable industry!

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