Hardware company e-commerce is not easy to walk

Hardware company e-commerce is not easy to walk

Recently, at the grand meeting of the Hardware Association, facing hundreds of big brothers, the speech entitled "The Pitfalls of E-commerce" was issued to shock the audience. Che Jianxin declares that e-commerce is a trap for the hardware industry. It is for people's lives - first of all the life of the hardware store, the second to be the life of the dealer, and finally the life of the factory. The best policy is that we do not do e-commerce, but this is not possible, the Chinese policy is that factories and stores should be reduced together with the gross margin, the implementation of the same price online and offline, oppose plagiarism, and urge factories not to build their own brand to the Internet to sell, as far as possible There is no more.

As China's largest hardware store, a hardware store has traditionally been challenged by e-commerce vendors. Che Jianxin’s generous remarks have the suspicion of avoiding risks for himself and do not seem to be widely recognized by everyone. However, the word e-commerce is destined to become the topic of entrepreneurs' heated discussion at this annual meeting. Different from the discussion about when e-commerce will come three years ago, everyone now feels that e-commerce is really impacting the traditional marketing model and has to seriously think about how the future marketing road should go. ?

Some people say that if you do not do electricity supplier, it is a dead end. Once “80s” and “90s” have grown into mainstream consumer groups, are they accustomed to online shopping and are there any value in traditional stores? Some people also say that if they do e-commerce, it is a dead end. When thousands of factories have moved their products online, they will reduce the chance of closing deals and dilute their profit margins, just like hardware stores that are now blooming everywhere. Even more serious is that if Tmall becomes the only way for factories to open their stores on the Internet, and when Tmall controls everyone's channels, everyone will become a pawn in the hands of Tmall. Whatever their future, they will be able to speak for themselves. !

In the face of surging e-commerce wave, how many companies are eager to try, how many companies know what to do. Not paying attention to e-commerce is obviously wrong. The internet era has come and e-commerce is not far away from every enterprise. E-commerce is the most important channel, obviously not the best choice, and traditional store channels still account for corporate sales. At the time of the main body, it is only fools who will abandon vested interests and rely on immature e-commerce providers.

In fact, whether it is currently doing well or not doing well, e-commerce is far from success. Wrigley chairman Xie Yuerong said that he did not worry about selling on the Internet, but he was worried that he would sell too much, because the more online sales, the heavier the burden on the company, because there is no profit, they are working for the network and logistics; Chen Zhongxin, chairman of Zhixin Furniture, said that no one has dared to look at pictures online and would be willing to place orders for expensive European and American furniture. E-commerce is not attractive to high-end, atmospheric, and high-end products. For fear, Yao Lai-song, president of Europa Cabinets, believes that establishing his own official website and online shopping mall as a gathering place, with line inspection and fine services, can fully achieve online and offline interactive win-win. In the unknown world of e-commerce, well-known companies are all showing their magic, exploring it, adapting to it, and using it. Emphasis on e-commerce, but do not regard it as the only life-saving straw, this may be the current hardware entrepreneurs are the most positive Internet thinking it!

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