How to avoid burning diesel bearings?

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How to avoid burning diesel bearings?

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-01-26

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Ways to avoid burning of diesel bearings:
Early damage of sliding bearings is much more common than bearing incineration; therefore, it is important to avoid early damage of sliding bearings. Correct protection of sliding bearings is an effective way to reduce early damage of bearings; it is also a reliable guarantee for the life of extended bearings. Therefore; Protection and repair; it is necessary to pay attention to the appearance of the bearing's alloy appearance, reverse surface, end and marginal edge; if there is an abnormal display of half-wearing signs; it is necessary to carefully find out the reasons; and adopt the corresponding method; improve the bearing Working conditions; focus on the early damage to the sliding bearings.
1. Strict measurement of the coaxiality and roundness of the main bearing bore of the diesel engine body. The measurement of the coaxiality of the main bearing bore of the machine body; it is necessary to measure the coaxiality scale of the diesel engine body more accurately; together measure the runout of the crankshaft; In this way, the thickness of the bearing bush is selected; the oil-running gap reaches the common position in each axial position. Where the diesel engine has been subjected to the condition of rolling, flying, etc.; it is necessary to detect the coaxiality of the main bearing hole of the body before assembling; The length of the steel crankshaft is not more than 0. 14mm; the total length of the steel crankshaft is not more than 0.12mm; the roundness of the bearing hole is also included; the cylindricity is also required. If it exceeds the limit, it is disabled; if it is within the limit, the grinding method is selected. The bearing bush is coated with excessive red powder; after the crankshaft is loaded, the bearing is changed; then the bearing cap is removed to view the bearing bush; after the hard spot protruding portion is scraped, the amount of change is measured; thereby ensuring the reliability of the operation. Valve imported pump industrial washing machine 2, improved bearing repair and device quality; strict control of the pass rate of the connecting rod on the train. Improve the bearing quality of the bearing; ensure that the bearing back surface lubrication is not mottled; Non-destructive,
3, its own spring opening amount is 0. 5 ~ 1. 5mm; this can ensure that the rear axle of the device is tightly attached to the bearing housing hole by its own elastic force.
4. Measure the parallelism and distortion of the new and old connecting rods; stop the unacceptable connecting rods,
5. Each end of the upper and lower bearing bushes installed in the bearing housing should be 30~50mm higher than the bearing seat plane; the high output can ensure the tight cooperation between the bearing and the bearing seat after tightening the bearing cap bolt according to the regular torque; Self-locking force; bearing does not loosen; heat dissipation is good; avoid bearing ablation and wear,
6. The working surface of the bearing can not be measured by the scraping method to reach 75%~85% touch impression; the joint gap between the bearing and the journal should be reached when the scraping is not required.
7. In addition, the device should pay attention to the processing quality of the crankshaft journal and the bearing; strictly implement the repairing process standard; avoid the formation of the device is not correct due to improper loading method and the torque of the bearing bolt is not uniform or does not conform to the rules; then the twist Deformation and stress gathering; incurring early bearing damage.
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