Practical principle of bathroom space decoration design: safe and comfortable

Bathroom decoration should be practical, considering the overall effect of sanitary appliances and decoration. According to the size of the bathroom area can be extravagant, generally pay attention to the overall layout, color matching, sanitary ware selection and other essentials, so that the bathroom is easy to use, safe and comfortable.

National sanitation is proposed in the standard of well-off residential housing: it is necessary to separate the bathrooms reasonably and reduce the mutual interference of toilet, bath, laundry and makeup. The function of the bathroom has evolved from a single toilet to a versatile one.

Hue - any shades

Just deal with the clean color problem. I suggest you match it with a light dark color. This works best. After a long period of practice, I know that it is easier to feel dirty in black, dark green and dark blue in home decoration, so it must be used with white.

Bathroom facilities

Apartment or villa-style bathroom with jacuzzi, non-slip bathtub, multi-nozzle shower, thermostatic faucet, marble vanity vanity, electric hair dryer, shaver, large bath mirror, hot air hand dryer and women Bidet and so on. Secondary or ceramic glazed tiles can be placed on the wall or floor, and carpeted on the floor. In addition, thermostatic, ventilation and communication facilities can be installed.

Before the renovation, you should decide whether to choose a shower or a bath, or both, depending on whether you take the bath as a task or enjoy it. Of course, the size of the bathroom is also a factor. After setting this point, purchase the corresponding lamps, floor tiles and other sanitary equipment. Secondly, it should be considered that the bathroom is generally shared by many people, and it is necessary to avoid conflicts in use. Waterproofing is another key issue. In the end, you can't ignore the water and drainage of the bathroom. These pipes will have a certain impact on the layout of the bathroom, and the wrong design or decoration will be endless.

The shower also has the advantage of saving space, saving water and electricity.

The tub is more comfortable, the aroma of the bath oil and the water massage in the new bathtub make people feel like they came to the public bathhouse in the Roman era. Bathtubs can be imported, the price is from 3,000 to 8,000, domestic, there are some brands of good quality, the price is about 1000 points. What brand of toilet is your favorite, but pay attention to two points when buying: is it the rear row or the bottom row? And the distance from the center of the drain to the wall.

The general ordinary residential bathroom can be installed with heating, lighting and exhausting three-in-one "bathroom", ordinary bathtub, toilet, desktop wash basin, hot and cold irrigator, shower curtain, towel rack, bath mirror and so on. The floor and wall are tiled, and the top can be made of plastic plate or plexiglass ceiling. Smaller bathrooms should pay attention to the reasonable use of limited space. The shower is economical and convenient than the bathtub. The washbasin can be bracket type, and the wall space can be used to make small closets, mirror boxes, etc., for placing some sporadic items. . Hooks can be installed behind the wall door for hanging clothes and other items.

There should also be heating in the bathroom, and it is best to take these devices into consideration when renovating.

Spatial layout: The most basic requirement of the home bathroom is to reasonably arrange the "three big pieces": wash basin, toilet, shower room. The room has already arranged the position of “three big pieces”, and the various sewage pipes are also set accordingly. If the position is not enough or the optional items cannot be installed, otherwise, the position of “three big pieces” should be easily changed. In particular, the toilet should be placed in a place away from the original drain pipe in order to have a large sink or a wide shower. The basic arrangement of the "three big pieces" is a low to high setting. That is, from the door of the bathroom, it is most desirable that the sink is facing the sanitary door, and the toilet is placed close to the side, and the shower is placed at the innermost end. This is first-class in terms of function, life function or aesthetics.

The design of the sink is determined by the size of the bathroom, and the design of the sink area is the main body of the bathroom. Don't be tempted to set up a large sink. This will only cause trouble for future hygiene and maintenance. Since the bathroom design area of ​​the existing building is generally about 3-6 square meters, the size of the sink in the bathroom must consider the space for the entrance and exit. For the 3 square meter washroom, the 1.2 m x 0.6 m sink is sufficient. . The wash basin can be selected from a basin or a bottom basin, which is similar in use.

Then there is the design of the mirror. The larger the mirror, of course, the better, because it can fully expand the visual effect of the small bathroom, but because of the window or other spacing, it can only be decided according to the actual situation. However, from the point of view of its easy cleaning and aesthetics, the general design can be as wide as the sink. The width of the reserved toilet is not less than 0.75 meters. The advantages of beautiful, comfortable and practical toilets are becoming more and more popular. Many domestic toilets on the market today have good quality and look and feel. Can fully take into account the current domestic small bathroom area is small, the size is not large. On the other hand, imported toilets are generally "body-wide and fat". If you don't like special preferences, please think twice. Because the width of the toilet installation can be more than 0.75 meters, it is convenient to use.

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