Four steel enterprises green transformation strategy

Four steel enterprises green transformation strategy Recently, at the industry conference held, the “leaders” of the four steel companies of Baosteel, Angang, Wuhan Iron and Steel Group and Hebei Iron and Steel Group expressed their opinions on the green transformation of the steel industry.

“Today, the series of problems faced by the Chinese steel industry are, on the surface, market issues caused by changes in demand, which can actually be attributed to the constraints of the environment and resources,” and the realization of green development as the primary meaning of the transformation and upgrading of steel enterprises. It is the “ethical bottom line, legal red line” and “whether it can meet the requirements of green development and will become a 'watershed' for the rise and fall of steel companies.” Xu Lejiang, chairman of Baosteel Group, said with a loud voice. The biggest factor affecting the profitability of the steel industry is the high cost of resources and the environment. From the perspective of resources, the price of raw materials will not decrease along with the demand, the cost of environmental remediation of iron ore and coal mining will continue to increase, and resource countries will reduce the intensity of resource exploitation in the form of additional export taxes and resource taxes. From an environmental point of view, the cost of environmental protection costs has risen rigidly. Therefore, Xu Lejiang believes that the traditional steel industry has not been able to adapt to the increasingly demanding environmental protection “trend” today.

“If we don’t change, there will be no future. In recent days, there have been frequent extreme weather conditions in some parts of the country, and the public’s concern for environmental protection is heating up, especially for steel companies in metropolises and capital cities. Can not embark on the road of green development, determines the rise and fall of the company's future.” Xu Lejiang's words elicited the voice of several steel company executives: "green steel" is no longer just policy-driven, morally dictated, but the urgent need for the survival and development of enterprises .

Zhang Xiaogang, general manager of Anshan Iron and Steel Group believes that the development of green steel is one of the three major challenges facing the Chinese steel industry. On the one hand, there is a rising demand for environmental protection, and energy saving and emission reduction are urgent. On the one hand, steel mills generally face difficulties and adjustment and transformation are imminent. Green development has become an important issue that concerns the survival of steel plants. “We do not take the green and low-carbon development path, and achieving sustainable development is empty talk. At present, it is the last chance for Chinese steel companies. If we can reasonably make structural adjustments and grasp good opportunities, we can continue to increase our competitiveness. ”

Recently, the Action Plan for Prevention and Control of Atmospheric Pollution and the Guiding Opinions on Resolving the Contradiction of Severe Surplus of Production Capacity have been introduced in succession, and the steel industry is facing the “big exam” of environmental transformation and structural adjustment. According to the experience of developed countries in resolving excess steel production capacity, Deng Qilin, chairman of Wuhan Iron and Steel Company, predicts that China's steel industry needs adjustment time of five to ten years or even longer. He said: "Accelerating the implementation of innovation-driven, green development strategies is both an urgent need to respond to the current grim situation and an inevitable choice for long-term competitive advantage."

"Low-carbon environmental protection and green development are not only the 'ethical bottom line' for steel companies to fulfill their social civic responsibilities, but also the 'legal red line' for compliance management. It is also the 'lifeline' for steel companies to build their lives in society." Group Chairman Wang Yifang broke through the importance of developing “green steel”. He believes that at present, the pressure of resource shortages, environmental capacity and rising costs have already formed a forceful mechanism for the "green transformation" of iron and steel enterprises. Chinese steel companies have reached the stage where they must implement green transformation.

Grasping the green transformation direction of steel enterprises Since the green transformation is particularly urgent, how should iron and steel enterprises change to where? Xu Lejiang put forward his own opinions on the connotation of “green steel”: achieving green manufacturing and green manufacturing, plus green related industries It is equal to "green steel." He explained that the path for green development of steel plants should include three aspects: First, to achieve energy-saving and emission reduction in the steel production process, to complete the production process of steel products with the lowest consumption and minimum emissions; Second, to carry out ecological design, manufacturing green Products, to ensure that the product does not endanger the environment during use; the third is to integrate the energy-saving and environmental protection technologies related to steel manufacturing, expand the application of technology, implement commercial development, and realize commercial value.

This point has also been recognized by other steel company executives. These four major domestic steel companies with leading strengths have conducted beneficial explorations in the practice of “green steel” and have embarked on their own distinctive green development routes.

Green Manufacturing: To make full use of resources and energy. The Anshan Iron and Steel Bayuquan Iron and Steel Project is a model project for the domestic green and ecological steel plant to achieve the transition from inland to coastal development, from traditional manufacturing to green manufacturing. In terms of green manufacturing, the Bayuquan has realized the efficient use of resources and energy: First, it has fully utilized the ferritic resources, established a resource recycling system, and recycled and utilized secondary resources. Second, it has adopted advanced technology and equipment to establish an energy recycling system. In terms of energy management and control, the project created the "four-in-one" control model for information flow, material flow, energy flow, and value flow. "At present, the Bayuquan uses fine management in the waste heat utilization, the residual heat recovery reaches 74 kg standard coal/ton, the gas achieves zero emission, the waste water discharge per ton steel is only 0.16 tons, and the solid waste comprehensive utilization rate reaches 99.8%. , Through innovative technology to achieve the steel slag 'zero emissions'. "Zhang Xiaogang introduced.

Green products: Help downstream users reduce costs, increase efficiency, and develop green. Wuhan Iron and Steel went through 5 initiatives to create “Green Wuhan Iron and Steel”, which means strengthening process control and improving green management; strengthening system integration and promoting green technologies; strengthening process innovation, developing green products; strengthening industrial synergy and developing green industries; strengthening environmental governance, and constructing Green factory. In terms of green products, in recent years, the performance of new silicon steel products developed by WISCO has been significantly improved. Iron loss values ​​have been reduced by an average of 15%. Motors and transformers have been used to save 2.264 billion kWh of electricity annually, which is equivalent to saving 905,600 tons of standard coal. 29,000 tons of CO2 reduction.

Green Industry: Explore the green business model. Xu Lejiang stated that Baosteel has actively explored the establishment of a green business model, such as establishing a green steel management system, implementing an environmental management strategy, and actively integrating environmental protection with business operations; vigorously developing related green industries and improving the green steel industry chain. Build a business "soft power" with a green business model, and so on. He pointed out that "the steel green business model should highlight environmental benefits and sustainability, highlight service and innovation, and make full use of the Internet platform to innovate marketing models to better meet user needs."

Now, more and more steel companies are starting to make a difference in the green industry. For example, Baosteel's green industry includes three major business areas: energy conservation, environmental protection, and comprehensive utilization of resources. In 2012, it achieved sales revenue of 3.42 billion yuan, profit of 785 million yuan, and recycling of 8.42 million tons of solid waste resources. WISCO also extends its focus on the value chain of the iron and steel industry and actively develops the green industry. In 2012, WISCO 1.8 million tons slag powder project signed a cooperation agreement, and 1 million tons of coal tar project started. Hebei Iron and Steel Group and foreign companies established a steel slag treatment project and a coke oven gas to methanol project, and actively carried out the disposal of social waste, focused on the promotion of urban sewage treatment and the use of recycled water, and further researched waste plastics, used tires, etc. Blowing applications in blast furnaces or coke ovens.

Green Materials Help "Green Future"

“Cognition of green steel can not only stay in the production process, but also recognize and evaluate the steel industry with the concept of full life cycle.” Deng Qilin said. He pointed out that although steel production and use have a huge impact on the resource environment, it has excellent features that can be recycled endlessly. High-performance steel materials can significantly reduce the environmental burden of the downstream industry and the entire society. It is understood that steel and 97% of steel by-products can be recycled or reused. From the perspective of life cycle assessment, advanced high-strength steel can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 8%, while aluminum accounts for only 5.4%.

“The iron and steel products support the energy saving and emission reduction of the downstream industries. The steel companies have assumed more social responsibilities. We have the responsibility to make the public understand the important role the steel industry plays in promoting energy conservation and environmental protection, environmental friendliness, and supporting the rapid development of the national economy. Deng Qilin said: “Wugang will work with other steel companies to guide the concept of 'full life cycle evaluation of steel products' and promote the construction of a large-scale recycling network for steel products, from procurement to production and transportation to recycling. The process strengthens collaboration with users and related industries to reduce environmental impact.

“Energy-saving and environmental protection has become an important historical stage that restricts the prominent problems and major obstacles to the sustainable development of the steel industry. State-owned large and medium-sized steel companies should take the lead in achieving 'green transformation' and become 'leaders' and 'leaders' in promoting green development. This is an iron and steel person's responsibility and an important mission." Wang Yifang's words tell the common voice of several leading steel companies, and they also say the ardent expectations of thousands of steel workers!

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