Patrol Inspection System Overview and Principle Analysis

Security engineering solutions - purpose <br> <br> Patrol program in order to strengthen community management of work safety, as well as security guards on duty management, design of this Security Patrol program. The security inspection management system is used for effective sign-in management of security patrols. Through this system, the security guards are required to conduct regular patrols on the patrols of various floors and places, etc., in accordance with the patrol management regulations stipulated by the Property Management Department, in order to identify hidden problems and resolve them in a timely manner. This inspection method can greatly enhance the Safe work, effective supervision and management of the security watchman's inspection work.

Patrol inspection system overview <br> <br> placed in locations require inspection information button, which stores location information, the inspectors equipped identification button, which stores identity information of the inspection staff; Patrol inspection with inspectors The device first reads the identity button, and then reads the location information button at each patrol point. The patrol inspection device automatically generates an inspection record that includes the person, place and time, and then transmits the data to the patrol inspection device through the cradle. In the corresponding software, all patrol records on the upload can be viewed in the software, and inspection reports are generated as required. The inspection report can truly and accurately reflect the inspection status: whether there is any missing inspection, whether it is on time, whether it is inspected according to the specified route, etc.

System and the principle <br> <br> Computer Requirements:

Operating system requirements: win98, win2000, winXP

Computer hardware requirements: CPU frequency above 400M, memory above 64M, hard disk above 5G, with optical drive, Modem interface (if using telephone network function).

LANDWELL patrol inspection system consists of patrol inspection device, cradle, information button, and system management software.

<br> <br> a large area, there are 30 staff involved in inspections, patrols daily in three shifts, set 100 patrol points the user, for example, recommends the following configuration tasks achievable time line :( Inspection and staff attendance functions)

Each set patrol point Patrol inspection location identified branched configuration <br> <br> button (including base) actual route or a geographical point of each team identification button, a system configuration of each cradle / standby actual situation Each set of management software system can be used to add or delete patrol products according to the use situation. The economic, practical, and clear responsibility can achieve the desired patrol inspection results.

After-sales service
1. LANDWELL products shell / LCD / battery / motherboard crack, corrosion and other factors cause the entire machine scrapped, are not within the scope of the warranty. Others (excluding the information buttons and other attachments required by the system) are executed with a 5-year warranty, including human damage. The irresistible natural disasters and political factors are not covered by the warranty.

2. The product maintenance freight is borne by the purchaser or the user.

3. After the warranty period expires, the spare parts cost will be charged at the preferential price, and the battery will be provided at a discounted price for a lifetime.

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