Condensate tray sterilization and algae tablets can improve indoor air quality

Condensate water tray sterilization algae tablets can improve indoor air quality condensate tray sterilization algae tablets can improve indoor air quality
This product is a bactericidal algae-killing tablet developed for the breeding of air-conditioning fan coil condensate trays. It can effectively kill the bacteria in the condensate tray and prevent its regeneration, eliminate the blockage of the tray drain pipe and improve the indoor air. quality. The Ministry of Health "Disinfection Technical Specifications" Part IV of the disinfection technical specifications of the source of the disease, clearly pointed out that sodium dichloroisocyanurate and peracetic acid, chlorine dioxide, sodium hypochlorite is equivalent to a highly effective disinfectant.
Main ingredients: sodium dichloroisocyanurate, carboxymethyl cellulose, food flavor, etc.
use      Way: Air-conditioning fan coil condensate tray inhibits the growth of bacteria, bacteria, algae, air purification.
Features: Slowly dissolved in condensed water, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and algae, easy to operate. This product is highly efficient, low toxicity, broad spectrum, and non-corrosive to equipment.
How to use: Put it into the fan coil condensate tray and add it regularly.
use      Quantity: 1 piece / month for each fan coil tray .
Safety matters: wrong oral, sunscreen, rainproof.
Packing specification: 100 pieces / bag ( 20 grams ± 1 gram).
Storage period: 2 years.