Wanbang Laser: Wuhan Diamond International Market

Abstract Among the domestic similar enterprises, Wuhan Wanbang Laser Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. is in the forefront of the industry despite its small scale and sales. This company can not be underestimated: it has the leading domestic core technology, and is currently the only one in the industry to sell independent innovation brands in the European and American markets...

Among the domestic similar enterprises, Wuhan Wanbang Laser Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. is in the forefront of the industry despite its small scale and sales. This company can not be underestimated: it has the leading domestic core technology, and is the only Chinese company in the industry to sell independent innovation brands in the European and American markets. Its export products not only represent the most advanced level in China in the international market, but also a series of autonomy. The exclusive global technology and products developed by the company have monopolized the market segment and become a strong competitor of European and American giants. In the international arena, it has won the reputation of “Wuhan Drill”.

How does “Wuhan Drill” come to the fore?

"Different from others, we did not do 'porters', but through technological innovation, to build core competitiveness, to win the market with independent brands." Wan Hong, chairman of Wanbang, said.

Wuhan Wanbang Laser is welding diamond saw blade

At the time of the initial creation, the development of “big name” OEMs took the road of independent research and development.

Like a large number of export-oriented enterprises in China, Wanbang Company also made OEM production at the beginning of its establishment. It has been OEM for “big brands” and sales have been relatively stable. With the appreciation of the renminbi, labor costs increase, export tax rebate rate declines, the profits of OEM OEMs become lower and lower, and the trend of rapid growth of enterprises is curbed.

Ye Hongqi began to realize that enterprises follow the "big name" and the development of fate is controlled by others. This development model must be transformed. “We focus on technological innovation, increase product added value, and concentrate on building our own brand.” Ye Hongjun said.

As an industry expert with a doctoral degree, Ye Hongzhen found that the lifeline of a company lies in the improvement of technological innovation capability and product structure, rather than the increase in production scale. Where is the source of technological innovation? It is necessary to have core technologies that meet the needs of the market, relying on technology to create self-owned brand products with high added value.

After determining the new direction, Ye Hongyi puts the most manpower and financial resources into technology and product research and development, trying to create a leading diamond tool unique in the industry.

After several years of hard work, his DTT brand diamond tool has become a highly respected internationally renowned brand in the industry; the company applies pre-alloyed powder, high-power saw blade produced by special process, and its cutter head strength is higher than ordinary The cutter head has increased by 33% to 50%. At present, the product has occupied more than 30% of the high-power saw blade market in North America. The grinding wheel made by the company using multi-layer vacuum brazing technology developed by itself has improved the working efficiency by 4 to 10 times compared with the conventional grinding wheel. The service life has increased by 2 to 4 times.

Innovation to fill the industry technology gap leading the development speed of the industry

In recent years, Wanbang has developed more than 20 new products and processes, and has participated in many national, provincial and ministerial-level and horizontal cooperation research projects. Its self-developed high-carbon high-alloy steel laser welding technology is exclusive to the world and fills the gap in the industry; its high-temperature vacuum brazed diamond products are recognized by the industry (world) as the most advanced manufacturing technology and products in today's diamond products industry. The diamond tool developed by it can be used on ultra-high power equipment. At present, only a few European and American companies have mastered the relevant technology, which is the only one in Asia. Wanbang is the only one in the world that can produce super-large diameter laser-welded diamond saw blades with a diameter of more than 1.2 meters. Business, has achieved a competitive advantage in the market.

Through continuous technological innovation, Wanbang has doubled its sales volume for five consecutive years in the context of an average annual growth of less than 20% in the industry, leading the industry's development speed.

With a series of branded products with independent intellectual property rights and high added value, the company's annual sales have quickly exceeded 100 million yuan, especially the production and sales of large-diameter (20-inch or more) laser-welded diamond saw blades have ranked first in the country. It has occupied the mainstream market in Europe and America. These remarkable achievements have made Wanbang a black horse in China's super-hard materials industry, which has established a leading position in the laser diamond products industry.

Set up a new company to develop new products to seize the national highway market

Before 2005, Wanbang Company, like other companies in the industry, mainly produced and sold small diamond saw blades. After achieving technological innovation, Wanbang Company turned its main business to large saw blades and was unique in the industry. This large-sized saw blade with a diameter of nearly 1 meter or even more than 1 meter is especially suitable for the maintenance and expansion of highways, bridges and airports. However, since the domestic highway has not yet entered the maintenance period, it is mainly sold overseas.

"China's highways will also enter the maintenance cycle in a few years, and market demand will be blowout. Moreover, this demand is not affected by the economic situation and is a long-term, stable and rigid demand." Ye Hongjun said that he is building a family. The new company, which specializes in the field of highways in China, develops sawing machines that are matched with large diamond saw blades and is bundled with saw blades.

Pay attention to the growth of each employee.

Unlike many other companies that only focus on the training of key employees, Wanbang, with more than 200 employees, values ​​the growth of each employee. The company encourages employees to study. If you read the night and self-study, you can give priority to the leave, and you can get the corresponding certificate to reimbursement of tuition. This humanized training mechanism allows the company's employees to grow with the company. Today, the backbone of this company is almost all the veterans of the company when it was first built, and the liquidity is very small. For example, Chen Chaoqiang, assistant general manager of the Wanbang Thailand factory, was only an ordinary worker when he entered the company in 2000. After a few years, he became the quality inspection manager and became the current general manager assistant. Ma Liming, who is now the director of the sawtooth branch, was only a technical school student when he recruited the company in 2003. There are so many key employees who have grown up from the grassroots level like this.