Oilfield Chemical Power Metallurgical Wastewater "Bustar"--Fiber Ball Filter

Why is the filter material the “buster” of sewage in oilfield, chemical, electric power, metallurgical and other industries? Because the fiber ball filter material has the characteristics of good elasticity, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, large specific surface area, high removal rate of organic matter and strong interception ability. The realization of deep water treatment is particularly prominent. Zhengda fiber ball filter material is made of high-quality polyester fiber yarn, which has the advantages of large sewage capacity, good filtering effect and regenerability. It is suitable for deep treatment and fine filtration of various water quality. The fiber ball filter material can trap tiny suspended solids that are not easily precipitated and removed. The filtration speed is 3.5 times higher than the traditional sand filter material. The filter material can be backwashed and regenerated, which can realize automatic management. The general filtration speed is 30m/h, the coarse filtration water is 100mg/l, the effluent SS≤5mg/l, the fine filtration water is 20mg. /l, effluent ≤ 2mg / l. It is widely used in high-standard water for oilfield, chemical, electric power, metallurgical and other industries; recycling, side filtration and wastewater recycling. Therefore, it can be said that fiber ball filter is one of the best filter materials for sewage treatment in these industries.
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 'The nemesis of oilfield chemical power metallurgical sewage--fiber ball filter