Eagle M series jack - detailed design | to provide consumers with peace of mind - Nanchong

Eagle M series jack - detailed design | to provide consumers with peace of mind - Nanchong

    Longhai Lifting Tools Co., Ltd. is the general agent of Japan EAGLE Eagle China. Eagle Jack is one of the high-end products in the current jack market. The Eagle M series jacks are mainly available in M-300 and M-500 models. It is a claw jack.

    Advantages of the Eagle Jack:

    1. In terms of structure, the entire Eagle claw-type jack is integrated, and the claws are integrally formed with the fuselage, which is sturdy and durable;

2 , Eagle hydraulic jack spindle is smooth, hand pressure is small, rotary pressure bar design can be operated from various angles.

    3 , safety performance: Eagle claw jack has a safety valve design, automatic start when overloaded, improve work safety; in addition, when the height limit setting stroke exceeds the safe range, it will automatically play a role to ensure safety.

    4 , Eagle jack operating handle with extremely thick handle, reasonable design, thickness, length, hardness, feel are ergonomic, use more labor-saving;

    5 , Eagle brand claw jack piston part is electroplated, wear-resistant rust, high strength;

    6. Some Eagle jacks can be used horizontally for a wide range of uses. Electric chain hoist

    The Eagle brand jacks are available in a wide range of models , including hydraulic jacks , claw jacks , wedge jacks, sliding table jacks, clean room jacks, and Eagle-assisted jacks . Among them, the Eagle Jack models include:

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