Xi'an waste distribution cabinet recycling

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Xi'an waste motor recycling

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Xi'an Xicheng Material Waste Recycling Co., Ltd. is a large-scale recycling enterprise that recycles used motor, new motor and recycled scrap metal for a long time : waste wire and cable, phosphor bronze, copper, copper, bronze, brass, enamelled copper, copper scrap, aluminum, stainless steel and lead.

Scrap steel: channel steel, steel, angle iron, tin, iron pipes, iron, scraps, iron industry, machinery and equipment, factory equipment, machine tools and other waste.

Waste precious metals: nickel, titanium, magnesium, chromium, rhodium, molybdenum, antimony, indium, cobalt powder, gold, silver, tungsten wire, tungsten steel, zinc, tin bismuth alloy.

Recycling household : commercial central air conditioning, lithium bromide air conditioning , 1-10 cabinets, wall hanging machines, window machines , Chunlan , Aucma , Sharp , Haier .

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'Xi'an waste distribution cabinet recycling