What problems should be noticed before the equipment such as the crusher starts?

Crusher equipment can be widely used in many industries, especially in large mines, cement manufacturing plants and large steel plants. The crusher is the main equipment for ore crushing and cement clinker manufacturing, like traditional Jaw crushers, cone crushers, as well as ball mills, roller crushers and rod mills are the main processing equipment. As a well-known mining equipment R & D and manufacturing enterprise in the industry, the technical staff of Luoyang Dahua Heavy Machinery believes that in order to truly realize the efficient operation of equipment and ensure the realization of customer benefits, it is necessary to inform the customer of all aspects of equipment installation debugging. Make sure the equipment works efficiently.

Taking the vertical composite crusher as an example, the first thing to do is to select the appropriate site to ensure that the equipment can run smoothly. After that, it is necessary to check the various process flows. Before the composite is broken, the iron remover and the metal detector alarm stop device should be installed. In order to prevent metal or unbreakable substances from entering the equipment, and also to make the equipment installed on a firm and rigid foundation, all fasteners can be well linked, and electrical equipment should not leak. Luoyang Dahua Heavy Machinery adheres to the core concept of creating value for customers, constantly improving various service measures, and strives to provide quality and efficient services to customers.