Egyptian ancient temple lettering called for protection of sculpture

Especially recently circulated on the Internet a wide range of news about the sculpture is so and so and then travel to Egypt statues engraved on the temple "a visit" to get people's attention, this is not just one example, the other good attractions There are such problems.

This problem has also occurred in many tourist attractions, not only scenic spots, but also in the park. Especially in the summer, people enjoy the coolness in the park. The sculptures are engraved with the words of the tour. Some urban sculptures are not only destroyed, but also full of words.

Such a good sculpture is for everyone to appreciate, and should not be a tool for some people to express. There are many ways to express, can't figure out why these people are like this? The beautiful environment needs everyone to love, this lettering makes the good sculptures beyond recognition, making people look very uncomfortable. ”