What is the JBS series intelligent gate opening sensor

I. Overview

JBS series intelligent code sensor, RS485 converter made up of a single chip and interface circuit combined with JB series shaft angle encoder sensor, fully digitalized angular displacement and linear displacement sensor manufactured by more precise technology, mainly used for water conservancy, The fully automated measurement and automatic tracking control system for electric power, chemical industry and petroleum is especially suitable for the lifting measurement and control of hydropower plants, storage dams, ship locks and other gates. The intelligent gate opening sensor converts the actual mechanical parameter values ​​into electrical signals, and uses RS485 communication to output in two-wire data format, which can be processed by counters, tachometers, PLCs and industrial PCs .

The main features of JBS smart sensors:

1.   With power-off tracking memory.

2.   Serial binary data transfer.

3.   Wide working voltage ( 8-24V ).

4.   Lower operating current ( 40mA ).

5.   Convenient to form RS485 multi-point network.

Second, structure and working principle