Add a touch of color mosaic to your bathroom

Mosaics can be seen everywhere in the home decoration, whether it is the wall or the ground, they are always indispensable. With the changes of the times, today's mosaics can be described as diverse, making you dazzling and difficult to choose. It seems to be more than just a decoration material, now mosaic has become the darling of fashion home. The bathroom is a place to live every day, want to make it more vivid? Come and see the mosaic, it will add a touch of color to your bathroom!

Create a variety of background walls with a variety of mosaics

Many people still stick to the traditional ceramic mosaic on the concept of mosaic. As people's visual requirements increase, various mosaics appear one after another. In addition to ceramic mosaics, there are also crystal mosaics, marble mosaics, metal mosaics, etc. on the market. The appearance of the mosaic is not limited to squares, rectangles, irregular shapes, etc.

Ceramic mosaic: This is a relatively traditional material, and the price is relatively cheap. The ceramic mosaic has the advantages of high strength, good toughness, good heat resistance, anti-slip, etc., and the surface can make a retro style, suitable for use in the bathroom and kitchen. , balcony and other spaces.

Crystal Mosaic: Crystal mosaic is a kind of glass mosaic. This mosaic is changeable in color, easy to clean, and does not absorb water and has a strong stereo effect. Crystal mosaic is often used to match the background wall with its many styles and many changes. It is suitable for the wall of the entrance, living room, bathroom and kitchen, especially the partial decorative wall.

Marble Mosaic: As the name suggests, marble mosaics are made from natural stone through special techniques that preserve the simplicity and naturalness of the stone itself. Suitable for living room, bathroom and other spaces, mostly used as wall decoration.

Resin Mosaic: Resin Mosaic is a new type of environmentally friendly decorative material. It is not easy to be deformed and convenient to construct. The resin mosaic can imitate various textures such as wood grain, metal, cloth grain and leather grain. The decorative effect is extremely high, and some interior decoration. People with higher requirements like this material very much.

How to use a small body with a large effect mosaic

The bathroom is the most commonly used place for mosaics, because the reflective effect and rich color of the mosaic can give people the feeling of jumping and fluctuating. For the bathroom that needs peace and relaxation, you can't use jumping or bright colors. The mosaic is best used for embellishment. One wall, avoiding the entire bathroom is a mosaic.

PVC WoodenTable Top PanelL

Table Top Panel is one of the product of LINYI JINSHENGYU DECORATION MATERIALS CO., LTD, we have ten years experiences to produce pvc marble panel(pvc artificial marble countertop), table top panel, we are professional of it ,

Layers of table top panel are composed by waterproof layer, color pattern layer and protective layer. processed by the world advanced special technology. protective layer is the UV coating layer, which is wear-resisting, mouldproof, antibacterial, easy to clean, hardness up to 3 h to 6 h.


1. Fireproof

Pvc Wooden Table Top Panel is non-flammable and conforms to the national grade B1 standard (GB8624-2012 Grade B1).

2. Water-proofing and moisture-proofing

The product is allowed to long-term expose to moist environment.

3. Easy to install

PVC Wooden Table Top Panel is easy to cut, saw nail, stick. it has a smooth finish one side that can be taped and jointed ready for decoration including wallpapering, painting, texture coat and veneer, and a rougher side for tiling.

5. Environment

PVC Wooden Table Top Panel does not contain any organic solvents, formaldehyde, asbestos, oils or other toxic substances that can have a negative impact on the environment and waterways.

Specification size


Surface Finish

High UV coating




Customized colors






PVC Wooden Table Top Panel


Easy installation

Life Span

15 years

Place of original


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PVC Wooden Table Top Panel

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