How to identify the quality of the facing stone

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The shade of the facing stone is also an important factor influencing the choice. It is mainly composed of three parts: basic color, flower color and pattern. The general base color is the color of the matrix or fine grain and the uniform part of the rock. The stone of different colors often determines the decorative effect and the applicable occasion. For example, the red-toned granite with potassium feldspar as the main component is rich, luxurious and elegant, while the black-toned granite with dark minerals such as pyroxene and hornblende is the solemn, solemn and elegant. Marble mixed with green and green tones is full of life; all these different shades of stone are suitable for different decorative occasions.

First, in addition to the choice of color tones, natural decorative stone should also consider the function of the building. In the home, the decoration of the living room and bedroom should use warm colors to show a warm and comfortable atmosphere, while the decoration for the bathroom and kitchen should be light and elegant to show cleanliness.

Second, the intention of decoration and environmental impact Because the use of natural decorative stone decoration parts are different, so the type of stone used is also different. When used for outdoor building decoration, it needs to withstand the wind, rain, and sun. The granite does not contain carbonate, has low water absorption rate and strong weather resistance. It is best to use various types of granite stone; The veneer stone used for the floor decoration of the hall requires stable physical and chemical properties and high mechanical strength. It should be the preferred granite stone; it is used for the decoration of the wall skirt and the home bedroom floor, and the mechanical strength is slightly poor. It is suitable to use a beautiful pattern. marble.

Third, how to identify the quality of finished stone facing finished stone, the quality of which can not be identified from the following four aspects:

One view, that is, the surface structure of the stone is observed by the naked eye. Generally speaking, the uniform fine material structure of the stone has a delicate texture, which is a good stone material; the coarse grain and the unequal grain structure stone have poor appearance effect, the mechanical properties are not uniform, and the quality is slightly poor. In addition, natural stone often produces some fine veins and micro-cracks due to the influence of geological effects. Stones are most likely to rupture along these parts, and should be removed. As for the lack of edges and angles, it is more important to affect the appearance, especially when choosing.

The second quantity, that is, the size specification of the stone, so as not to affect the splicing, or cause the pattern, pattern and line deformation after splicing, affecting the decorative effect.

Three listen, that is, listen to the sound of the stone. In general, the quality of the stone with good internal density and no micro-cracks is crisp and pleasant; on the contrary, if there are micro-cracks or fine veins inside the stone or the contact between the particles becomes loose due to weathering, knock The sound is hoarse.

Four tests, that is, using a simple test method to check the quality of the stone. Usually a small drop of ink is dripped on the back side of the stone. If the ink is quickly dispersed and leached everywhere, it means that the inner particles of the stone are loose or there are micro-cracks, and the quality of the stone is not good. Conversely, if the ink drops do not move in the original place, it means The dense texture of the stone is very good.

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