Aluminum buckle ceiling installation steps

The aluminum buckle board is the ceiling material that most owners in the ceiling industry will choose. The ceiling of the aluminum buckle board has a long service life and is beautiful. The performance is very good and therefore the price is slightly higher. The ceiling that everybody sees normally is the appearance after the completion, how does the aluminium buckle board ceiling install know? Follow the small series together to understand how to install the aluminum buckle ceiling!

First, you can see the way to fix the aluminum buckle plate. Drill holes on the top and fix the aluminum buckle plate keel with expansion screws and metal suspenders. Kitchens must be fireproof, bathroom water vapor can easily lead to decay of common materials, and aluminum gussets do ceiling materials that are just right. Between the keel and the boom is fixed with a screw, you can adjust the height, so that the ceiling is flat, the screw is so big, it must be very safe, aluminum buckle plate is stuck in the keel slot.

Before the ceiling of the aluminum buckle plate, be sure to line the pipes of the bathroom heater and the gas water heater. The corner line is very important. To be smooth, the gap between the wall and the wall should be small and uniform, especially the joints at the corners. They should be flat, with no warping and alignment.

Yuba installation location, according to the size of Yuba reserved. Xiao Bian here to remind, pay attention to the power cord Yuba, is wrapped with soft plastic tube, and wrapped in tape. At that time, Xiao Bian did not understand why it was necessary to wrap the power cord with a plastic tube. For this purpose, I specially consulted the master of water and electricity. The master explained that the aluminum buckle plate should be cut at the location of the Yuba, and that the cross section of the aluminum buckle plate would cut the plastic sheath of the power line and cause leakage accidents. It is safer.

The above is a simple step for the installation of the ceiling of the aluminum buckle board. You can supervise the workers when you know how to install the ceiling of the aluminum buckle board in your home! To learn more about the installation of aluminum ceilings, please pay attention to the information on this site to learn more.

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