Ultrasonic cleaning titanium rod filter operation method

1, coarse wash (1) is first placed in the ultrasonic cleaning machine is good, before the first power "auto / manual switch in the manual position, close the water intake solenoid valve switches, coarse wash time is about 5-10 minutes .
(2) After the first washing, turn off the ultrasonic switch and open the drain valve to release the contaminated water. Then refill the ionized water to overflow position and clean it for 3-5 minutes. After the rough wash is complete, the filter cartridge is basically cleaned. , If it is demanding, perform a rough wash.
2, fine washing (1) ultrasonic manual cleaning
1, the completed coarse wash to remove the filter, the prepared pre-installed tooling (10 inches, 20 inches of different models with different tooling), one by one in the purge tank to the filter;
2, open the ultrasonic switch, motor rotation switch; open the external inlet switch for internal and external recoil, if there is an external clean air to open the intake switch (as the filter to accelerate the cleaning and drying effect), fine washing time of about 1 3 minutes.
(2) Ultrasonic automatic cleaning
1. Before the power is turned on, the “automatic/manual switch is in the automatic position, the water inlet switch is in the off state; the first time relay controls the cleaning time; the second time the relay controls the inlet, intake, and circulation time.
2, set the cleaning time, inlet water circulation time, remove the coarse filter after washing finished, install the pre-prepared tooling (10 inches, 20 inches different models with different tooling) put the filter one by one In the cleaning tank;
3. Turn on the power, turn on the ultrasonic switch and the motor rotation switch, and adjust the “automatic/manual switch” to the automatic position. The inlet electromagnetic valve of the inlet solenoid valve turns on alternately according to the set time, and the filter core is back-flushed internally and externally. Cleaning 7 -8 minutes.

Hesso  barrier
Hesso  barrier also know as rock basket retaining wall, Hesco Barrier, flood control barrier, etc. which is made of the steel welded  mesh and lined with non-woven geotextile , can be filled with sand, earth, cement, stone, then as a defence wall or bunker and widely used in the military to protect safety .
Hesco barrier is a modern gabion primarily used for flood control and military fortifications. It is made of a collapsible wire mesh container and heavy duty fabric liner, and used as a temporary to semi-permanent levee or blast wall against explosions or small-arms.

Hesco Barrier

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