What are the advantages and disadvantages of floor heating?

The full name of floor heating, low-temperature floor heating, Sender low-temperature radiation floor heating is buried in the floor below the heating pipe - floor heating or heating cable, heating the floor to the surface temperature of 18 to 32 °C, evenly radiated to the room The thermal floor is heated to achieve heating effect. What is the difference between floor heating and other heating methods? Let's compare them together.

First, the introduction of floor heating

1. Definition: What is floor heating?

It is understood that low-temperature radiation floor heating is buried through the floor under the heating pipe - aluminum plastic composite pipe or conductive tube, the floor heating to the surface temperature of 18 to 32 °C, evenly radiating heat to the interior to achieve heating effect. Compared with traditional heating methods, it can be said that there are several advantages:

2, the room temperature distribution

With heating, the temperature difference in the room is minimal due to the uniform heat dissipation across the floor. And the room temperature is gradually reduced from the bottom up, the ground temperature is higher than the human respiratory system temperature, giving a comfortable feeling of foot warmer head and cold.

3, conducive to creating a healthy indoor environment

The use of heat sink heating, the general water temperature is above 70 °C, but when the temperature reaches 80 °C, it will produce a dust group, so that the wall above the heating is covered with dust. Floor heating can eliminate the convection of dust clusters and turbid air, giving people a fresh, warm and healthy environment.

4, high efficiency and energy saving

Due to the large radiant heating surface, the relative required water supply temperature is only 40 to 50°C. And it can overcome the shortcomings of some of the heat in the traditional heating sheet that is lost from the windows to affect the heating effect.

5, save space

Since the heating pipes are all laid under the floor, the space for the placement of the heating plates is saved, which facilitates the interior decoration and the placement of the furniture.

Another method of floor heating is called "water-through solid wood flooring." After many years of scientific research, Liaoning Jiarongyao Trading Co., Ltd. eventually developed a "wood composite water-through floor" that integrates heating, cooling and decoration. After examination and approval by the State Patent Office, it has obtained three invention patents and three practical applications. New patent. This product has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, comfort, durability, random assembly, and transferability, and it can easily replace the floor with new ones.

Because the product adopts new materials, new technologies, and new technology, the inner layer of circulating cold and hot water in the hollow interior has the characteristics of small thermal resistance and one-way heat dissipation, so it can release the collected heat to the maximum extent, and thus achieve the best energy saving effect. In order to realize both the thermal conductivity and the good thermal insulation of the solid wood composite water-through floor, the product adopts the imported polymer PEX as the raw material to make the floor water pipe, and adds the corresponding auxiliary materials therein to enhance the corrosion resistance and anti-aging of the floor. Sex. The product has no harmful substances, and has ultra-low temperature heating (water temperature only between 28 °C ~ 45 °C), energy saving, environmental protection, flame retardant, high heating efficiency, long service life and so on. In order to ensure its tightness, hot-melt sealing is used to ensure maximum sealing of the floor.

The floor heating system is currently the most popular and promoted heating method in the world. This method is most comfortable in terms of energy saving, material saving, land saving and space saving. At present, the floor heating system has been widely accepted and recognized in the vast regions of Europe, North America and East Asia. With the continuous improvement of the living standards of the Chinese people, more and more people recognize and accept the ground heating methods.


Second, the advantages of geothermal heating

Compared with traditional heating methods, it can be said that there are several advantages:

1. The room temperature is evenly distributed and the heating method is adopted. Because the entire floor is evenly cooled, the temperature difference in the room is minimal. And the room temperature is gradually reduced from the bottom up, the ground temperature is higher than the human respiratory system temperature, giving a comfortable feeling of foot warmer head and cold.

2, is conducive to creating a healthy indoor environment using heat sink heating.

3, high efficiency and energy saving due to the large radiation heating surface.

4, save space.

5. Diversification of energy forms. The circulating hot water required in the floor heating system can be heated using any energy source such as a conventional gas boiler, a heat pump unit, or renewable energy sources such as ground source heat pump, solar energy, and the like.

Third, the characteristics of geothermal heating products

Feature 1: Energy Saving

The energy saving aspect of solid wood composite water-through flooring is reflected in the true low-temperature operation. The water temperature only needs to be between 28°C and 45°C. The difference between the water temperature and the ground temperature is only about 5°C. This product from the point of view of radiant heating, faster than ordinary geothermal, more direct, more energy-saving effect. Each room can be individually controlled temperature and timed temperature control. In order to achieve intelligent energy-saving needs, a telephone remote control system can be installed, which is suitable for people who go out for a long time and have no fixed schedule. Under normal circumstances, the prescribed standard heating temperature can be reached within about 8-10 minutes. This product is not limited by the heat source, and can use air conditioners, gas stoves, induction cookers, air source heat pumps, water source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, solar hot water heating projects, central heating, etc. as the heat source, and the energy saving effect is very significant, compared with other heating methods. It can save about 30%-50% of heating costs.

Feature 2: Environmental protection

This product has been tested and verified by a national authoritative organization and meets the general requirements of the state “building a conservation-minded society (four sections, one guarantee)”. In the production of new technologies, new processes, so that the product to achieve the green environmental protection products required by the indicators. When the floor is installed, the environmentally-friendly flame-retardant extruded benzene board is used as the cushion to make the floor soundproof and heat-insulating. The foot feel is more comfortable, heat energy is released to the maximum degree, and noise interference between floors is reduced.

Feature 3: Unique design, high grade, permanent and durable

The solid wood composite water floor adopts new technology and new technology, so it has the characteristics of dryness, no cracks, no dampness, no corrosion, no insects, no ridges, etc. The total thickness is only 35mm, which not only saves construction materials, but also saves The home decorates the height of the space while perfecting your decorative effect. The floor is removable and can be removed for permanent use. The floor is stable and reliable. The relevant departments and experts have tested and tested the life of the water board for up to 50 years, bearing weight 20 tons/m, wear-resisting more than 8500 rpm, flame retardant, anti-ultraviolet radiation. The single family home can independently control the temperature, but it can also be controlled centrally. It is easy to operate and customers can choose according to their needs. The product brings together the "essentials" of past ground heating decorations, while improving the inadequacies of many ground decorations, and transforming a single ground decoration into a functional decoration, rewriting a new chapter in the history of heating, and is a human heating decoration. A big move!

Feature 4: Installation diversification

For the convenience of users, our company has researched and invented the wall skirt heating, which not only achieves the effect of the old house transformation, but also saves the user a lot of money. At the same time, it also realizes the integration of heating and decoration, which fully reflects the flexible and diverse installation of the product. Sex.


Fourth, geothermal heating installation

1. It is easy to install. In principle, the floor is laid without joints from beginning to end.

2. This product is an assembly structure, moving can continue to use.

3. Three-dimensional decoration, landscaping space, the floor can be laid on the ground can also be suspended in the wall canopy, three-dimensional decoration gives a sense of comfort.

4. The surface layer of the skin is not only diverse, but the color can be changed at the same time.

5. This product is warm in winter and cool in summer, which saves money and is more comfortable.

6. Break the tradition, never scale

7. Floor width, length and thickness can be customized according to customer requirements

Fifth, floor and geothermal comparison

The geothermal structure is made of disk water pipes and cement. The interval between the coils is 150mm-250mm, and the upper surface is covered with a cement surface of 50mm or more. Its height is 80mm-100mm. This structural disadvantage:

1. Reduce the height of housing space

2. Increase the overall weight of the building, directly affect the earthquake resistance of the building, while the total weight per square meter of water-through floor is only 5 kg, the total thickness is only 35mm. If the entire building uses this product, it can reduce the height of the floor and reduce the load on the building.

3. Inconsistency of heat dissipation A large amount of heat is transmitted to the walls around the downstairs. The heat loss is large, and the indoor temperature rises slowly. At the same time, the cement emits harmful gases at high temperatures, which endangers human health. The water-through floor does not have the above shortcomings and refuses dust pollution. . Ninety percent of the heat of the water-through floor is uploaded to the interior, and the benzene board laid under the floor not only keeps warm, but also plays a role of quiet and shockproof.

4. Difficulties in maintenance: Once leakage occurs, it is difficult to find, and it is more difficult to repair at the same time. If necessary, it is necessary to re-use geothermal heat, which requires labor, time, and materials. This causes great trouble for the customer.

In addition, the amount of geothermal coil construction work is very large. In winter, it must be constructed under conditions requiring high ambient temperature. Otherwise, the cement is loose, and the water-through floor is installed in an assembled form, which saves the cost of re-flooring. Easy to install, easy to construct, free from seasonal restrictions, and never produces scale.

Sixth, several kinds of connection heat source energy conservation contrast

1. Pipe network connection: Use the pipe network heat source to connect with the floor. There are some points to explain.

(1) The pollution in the pipe network cannot pass through this product directly, because the pipe network water contains a large amount of rust and it is easy to plug the connecting pipe and the water pipe.

(2) Heat exchangers must be used to keep the circulating water in the floor system clean.

(3) Eliminating the hidden dangers of high-pressure pipe network water leakage.

(4) Because the open-type water tank also increases the indoor temperature in winter and eliminates the drying, under the same conditions, using the floor, the indoor temperature is higher than the indoor temperature of other heating methods by more than 8-10°C.

2, electric heat source: can be directly connected with the product, compared with other electric heating can save 15% to 30%.

3, gas heat source: This product can be directly connected with the gas water heater, more energy than electricity.

4, solar energy heating and distribution: winter solar energy can make the water temperature around 40 °C, can be used directly to heat heating, cloudy or night automatically start the electric heating source, so that the combination of solar energy and energy can save 40% to 70%, such as sunny or even higher.

5. Ground source heat pump: The use of our floor saves secondary heating and greatly saves energy expenses.

6, air conditioning: cooling and heating more comfortable, healthier, more energy-efficient, saving more than 30%.

This product is cold in winter and cool in summer: there are two ways to cool in the summer: one is a physical method, you can directly add ice cubes to the tank, the other way is to use mechanical cooling, add refrigeration equipment in the auxiliary settings, more save money. More comfortable.


Seventh, geothermal heating professional research

1, the floor heating decoration what material is good

Decoration industry professionals are more respected is the wooden floor, but for this new type of heating methods, the current building materials market has been specifically adapted to the sale of this heating method. According to the manager of Cui Wei, who distributes Korean flooring, the following principles should be applied to the selection of geothermal heating: the size should be stable, the thermal stability should be better, and the moisture content should be lower, so that after heating, it will not be easily deformed; to facilitate heat exchange and conduction, the pad Layer material should not be too thick; the size should be thin not thick, should not be narrow width, in order to facilitate the anti-deformation, heat conduction requirements.

2, geothermal floor installation with stress

Compared with the general laminate flooring, the installation of geothermal flooring has relatively strict regulations. If the installation workers have not been trained and the laying method is improper, even if they are selected for special purposes, warpage and deformation will also occur. According to the introduction of the Sanwei company’s master chef, geothermal heating test must be conducted before laying geothermal floor, and the inlet water temperature should be at least 50°C to ensure normal heating operation. And keep it warm for more than 24 hours to make the ground dry. If the geothermal heating test cannot be performed, in principle, the construction is not to be provided, and hammer drills and hammer nails are absolutely not allowed on the ground to prevent damage to the heating coil. Because of the large amount of tidal gas released by geothermal heating, the work must be done in moisture-proof treatment.

When paving, first put a layer of plastic cloth on the ground to cut off the moisture so that the moisture can be released from the skirting board around. Then lay the commonly used moistureproof mats. Allow enough expansion joints around and use a skirting board that is thicker than normal floorboards. And paving the ground and installing the skirting board should be divided into two constructions. 48 hours after the laying, the glue is completely dried, and the skirting board is removed after removing the fastener. And the floor can only warm up after 24 hours of installation.

In addition, Master also reminded consumers to pay attention to the use of geothermal floor: As the board surface is a cooling surface, so try not to fix the decoration or place legless furniture, so as not to affect the hot air flow caused by the weakening of the heat effect; in the first warming or When geothermal heating has not been turned on for a long time, it should be set at the lowest temperature, and then slowly warmed up. Can not be too hasty, the best one hour warming up about one degree. Keep the floor clean and dry before warming to prevent cracking and distortion due to excessive heating.

3, how to choose wooden floor

(1) The selection of wooden floors is best to go to large stores because of adequate supply and reliable quality.

(2) Some people think that the wider the wooden floor, the better. In fact, this is not the case. Generally, the wider the wooden floor, the longer the deformation is. The specific standard is 1.2 meters in length and 12 centimeters in width.

(3) The wood grain on the wooden floor is also very important. Generally, the straight grain pattern is mainly selected, and the pattern is reduced as much as possible, except for customers who like this style. Because the wooden floor and the ruled lines have different deformation coefficients, if they are laid together, the mutual influence is greater.

(4) The selection of hardness is also very important. When selecting, you can use your fingers to draw. If the impression is deep, it means that the quality is not high, so you should pick the harder wood.

(5) When selecting, pay attention to the flatness of the floor, so that laying down can reduce the difficulty.

(6) Choose the floor with small color difference as much as possible. The floor with large color difference lays in the hidden place, and the place with small color difference spreads in the obvious place, so the effect is very good.

Eight, silicon crystal warm

1, silicon crystal floor heating system energy-saving

Silicon crystal floor heating is made of high-quality special materials. Since the product is designed with its resistance value fixed, heat will be generated when electricity is applied. It is said that the energy efficiency of this product is high because the thermal efficiency of the product is basically 100%. That is to say, almost all of the electric energy you supply generates heat, so it is very energy-efficient. In addition, this product has a positive temperature coefficient. When the temperature reaches the design temperature, the resistance value increases and the power decreases. Therefore, energy is saved.

2, the system operating costs cheaper than other floor heating systems

The silicon crystal electric floor heating system can reach the design standard (approximately 28°C or so) within 15 minutes of the surface temperature, and the room temperature can reach the design standard (18---20°C) within about 2 hours. After two hours, you can work according to the set time control, work 10 minutes, rest 20 minutes. Calculate one day (24 hours - 2 hours) x 20 minutes = 440 minutes. 440 minutes + 120 minutes = 660 minutes, which is 11 hours at full capacity. In actual use, you can't open a room without a person? Is it not necessary to open it when nobody is in the daytime? This conservative estimate that the electricity consumption for a day will not exceed 7 hours. If we calculate the building area by 100 square meters (in the area along the Yangtze River), the power is 6000 watts, that is, 6 kWh at full load, 66 kWh at 11 hrs, and 42 kWh at 7 hrs. The electricity price in your area (as well as the peak and valley discount) can easily be calculated. We have calculated that we must save at least a quarter of the cost of water heating and gas.

3, silicon crystal heating heating power system security

The material used in the silicon crystal floor heating plate is a polymer insulation material, and the contact parts have been treated with water-repellent treatment, even in water.

4, silicon crystal floor heating system energy-saving

Silicon crystal floor heating is made of high-quality special materials. Since the product is designed with its resistance value fixed, heat will be generated when electricity is applied. It is said that the energy efficiency of this product is high because the thermal efficiency of the product is basically 100%. That is to say, almost all of the electric energy you supply generates heat, so it is very energy-efficient. In addition, this product has a positive temperature coefficient. When the temperature reaches the design temperature, the resistance value increases and the power decreases. Therefore, energy is saved.

5. Will there be uneven heat dissipation?

This will not happen, and the heating effect will depend on the calculations we made during the installation. If the power is accurately equipped, there will be no uneven heat dissipation. Moreover, the silicon crystal heating system is evenly heated by the surface radiation, and the temperature above the knee can obviously feel the consistency of temperature.

6. What is the service life?

All kinds of floor heating products have a common and deadly weakness, that is, the aging speed is too fast! And operation maintenance and depreciation costs are too high. Silicone heating floor heating system can ensure that you live with your building without maintenance, so maintenance costs are zero.

7, the advantages of floor heating

1 Comfort, Hygiene, and Health Care: Ground radiant heating is the most comfortable heating method. The indoor surface temperature is even and the room temperature gradually decreases from the bottom up, giving people a good feeling of cooling their feet and feet; it is not easy to cause contaminated air and indoor air. Improve blood circulation and promote metabolism.

2 Save space and beautify the living room: The indoor radiator and its branch pipes have been removed, and the use area has been increased to facilitate decoration and home furnishings.

3 High-efficiency energy-saving: The radiant heating method has higher thermal efficiency than the convection heating method, and the heat concentration is within the height of human body benefit; the heat loss in the transmission process is small; the low-temperature floor radiation heating can be controlled by separate households, and the user can control according to the situation and save effectively. energy.

4 good thermal stability: Ground floor heating and concrete layer heat storage, thermal stability, in the intermittent heating conditions, indoor temperature changes slowly.

5 Low operating cost: 20% energy saving compared to other heating equipments. It can make full use of low-temperature hot water resources or electricity price policy to reduce operating costs.

6 Long service life: In the low-temperature floor heating, the plastic pipe or heating cable is buried underground, no scaling, no corrosion, no one is damaged, and the service life is synchronized with the building. Convection heating saves maintenance and replacement costs.


9. Geothermal heating system

Normal air conditioners (including wall-mounted air conditioners and central air conditioners) and radiators are heated by convection. The heating method is to cool the head and feet. The biggest problem is that it feels dry and uncomfortable. It is easy to make the dust fly. disease. The floor heating system is to heat the low-temperature hot water through a closed loop buried under the floor and achieve far-infrared wave heat transfer. The floor heating is currently the most comfortable and healthy heating method in the world.

Floor heating is mainly composed of heat source, heating floor, heating plastic pipes and temperature control system. The heat source can use various heating boilers, heat pumps, solar energy, and central heating, etc.; heating floor layer sub-concrete wet and dry type; heating plastic pipe Can use PEX, PB, PP-R and PERT pipelines, in order to ensure the long-term stability of the entire floor heating system, oxygen-proof pipelines must be used; temperature control system is used to ensure the stability, comfort and energy saving of the system. Water separator, water mixing center and room thermostat.

The above is the "What are the advantages and disadvantages of geothermal heating for floor heating". If you still want to learn more about this, please pay attention to this website's information channel for decoration.

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