Furniture "zero formaldehyde" is just impossible for Shantou

Recently, Ajisen Ramen has been rumored to be a news that the soup that has been claimed in the Ajisen Ramen advertisement has always been said to be "a bowl of soup containing four times more calcium than milk and dozens of ordinary meat". The cheap soup powder is almost the same as ordinary instant noodles. For a time, it caused a lot of repercussions. For the Chinese, Ajisen Ramen has always been loved by everyone with a high-end nutritional image. Food safety has been put on the agenda, and it is also a home industry that is closely related to life. It also has incidents that endanger human health.
Recently, I received a reply from Mr. Wang, who wanted to buy a set of cabinets in the home of the home. I found that many of them were slogans of “zero formaldehyde, absolutely environmentally friendly” and the price was relatively high. Mr. Wang has a high requirement for the comfort and environmental protection of the home environment. The statement of “zero formaldehyde” makes him very excited. So is it really like the furniture business propaganda, the formaldehyde content of the cabinet is "zero"? To this end, the reporter visited the home of the home of the home.
“Zero Formaldehyde” furniture lacks “ID card”. It is difficult for merchants to be self-sufficient. The reporter found that in the cabinet area of ​​the fourth floor of the Real Home, some cabinet manufacturers mentioned by Mr. Wang’s “zero formaldehyde” propaganda slogan have been removed, but there are still individual businesses. Still hang the slogan in a prominent position. The reporter randomly walked into a cabinet exhibition hall and hoisted the "real E0 level, breaking through the 'zero' limit" slogan on the roof. "Mr. choose cabinets? Our cabinet materials are first-class, absolutely environmentally friendly, and have no pungent taste." The salesperson immediately began to introduce the cabinets to the reporters. These cabinets are all E0-grade environmentally-friendly panels, absolutely environmentally friendly, just like The slogan says that the formaldehyde content is "zero". When the reporter asked, the "zero" limit of formaldehyde, whether this "zero" indicates that the formaldehyde content of the cabinet is indeed "zero", the salesperson did not give a positive answer.
"I must confirm whether there is zero formaldehyde content before buying the cabinet." The reporter asked for a certificate of formaldehyde content provided by the quality supervision department. The salesperson said, "Our manager is not here. I don't know what you want. I only sell cabinets. I don't know anything else."
The merchant said that the absolute "zero" formaldehyde is just a propaganda Shantou to further verify the authenticity of the "zero formaldehyde" furniture, the reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau. "Impossible, absolutely impossible" The relevant person in charge of the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau told the reporter that it is impossible to have furniture with zero formaldehyde content.
According to reports, the production of cabinets is a systematic project. In this process, many factors will affect the environmental quality of the cabinets. As long as the cabinets use adhesives, formaldehyde is inevitable. Not only cabinets, but most furniture, including solid wood furniture, use adhesives in the corners, so it is impossible to achieve zero formaldehyde in the finished cabinets. The "zero formaldehyde" argument is overstated. The reason why merchants use the "zero formaldehyde" slogan is to seize the consumer's mentality of pursuing environmental protection and health. This argument is nothing more than trying to win a little sales.
Correct understanding of formaldehyde reasonable purchase of furniture quality and technical supervision bureau recommendations, first of all, the purchase of rational consumption of furniture is the most important, and not necessarily more expensive and more environmentally friendly. Secondly, the seller must provide a test report to see if the formaldehyde content meets the national standards. In particular, besides looking at the formaldehyde content of the logo, it depends on whether the test category is worthy of its name. Finally, a correct understanding of formaldehyde, not formaldehyde will cause harm to the human body. The so-called environmentally friendly furniture does not mean that the product has no formaldehyde at all, but its safety content is within the nationally approved standards.
Is it tasteless to be environmentally friendly?
It is also known that it is unscientific to judge whether furniture is environmentally friendly by smelling the taste. Because formaldehyde is less than 3 times, it usually does not smell irritating. When smelling irritating smell, this indicates that formaldehyde has exceeded 4 Up to 8 times, the harm to the human body is already quite large.
It is understood that environmentally friendly products should carry two more authoritative certifications, one is the "10-ring" certification, and the other is the "Fangyuan" certification. Consumers should recognize these two signs when purchasing furniture.
Related links Formaldehyde: Formaldehyde is a colorless, strongly irritating odor. Mainly used in organic synthesis, synthetic materials, coatings and other industries. Recently, the wood-based panel industry is developed, and the demand for formaldehyde is very large. It can be said that formaldehyde is a generalist in the chemical industry, but the use of anything must have a limit, there is a standard, once used beyond the standards and limits, it will bring a negative side. After formaldehyde exceeds the standard, it will not only cause respiratory diseases, but also induce rhinitis and colon cancer in serious cases. It is recognized as a carcinogenic teratogenic substance, which can cause fetal malformation, induce neonatal and neonatal leukemia, and cause adolescents' memory and mental decline. The formaldehyde produced in the interior furniture and decoration can be absorbed through the window ventilation and green plants. Put the activated carbon and more professional techniques to remove it.
Class E0: Class E is a long-standing statement that defines the aldehyde content of plates in the world. Formaldehyde is mainly divided into three states: free, adsorbed and combined. Only in the free state can formaldehyde reduce the pollution index. E0 is the standard of free formaldehyde content of the board, which refers to the numerical value of formaldehyde content of less than 0.5 mg per liter, that is, E0 ≤ 0.5 mg / l. It is currently the highest international health standard.

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