Ten cabinet brands 2016 latest ten cupboard brand rankings

The wide variety of cabinets often gives us consumers annoying purchases, and the appearance of cabinet brand rankings provides consumers with a reference data. Today, we have a look at the rankings of the latest ten largest cabinet brands in 2014. .

The cabinet cabinet brands of the top ten cabinets were established in 1994. The top ten brands of cabinets are currently the large-scale comprehensive modern home furnishing group.

Ten cabinet brand gold cabinets were established in 1999, the top ten brands of the overall cabinet, the main standard units of the national kitchen equipment standards.

The ten cabinet brands of the Cobb Bolognese cabinet were created in 2001 as a whole kitchen industry influence company and one of the most powerful overall home furnishing suppliers in China.

The cabinet cabinets of the top 10 cabinet brands were established in 1998, one of the leading cabinet brands in China and a pioneer in the Chinese kitchen cabinet industry.

Haier cabinets of the top ten cabinet brands were established in 1997, integrating the top ten brands of kitchens, and the top brand of home construction of the Ministry of Construction.

Ten cabinet brands My Music Cupboard was founded in 2005, a Sino-U.S. joint venture, the best brand in the Chinese cabinet industry, the best environmental brand in the cabinet industry

Ten cabinets brand Moon Rabbit Cabinet was established in 1995, China's 500 most valuable trademarks, one of the largest domestic manufacturers with the most advanced technology and equipment.

Taibai kitchen cabinets of the top ten cabinet brands were established in 2000, integrating the top ten brands of kitchens. The company's subsidiaries specialize in operating high-end integrated kitchen businesses.

The cabinet cabinet brands of the top 10 cabinets were established in 2003, with the top ten brands of cabinets and one of the most influential companies in China's cabinet industry.

The cabinet cabinet brand of Yali was established in 2001. It is one of the top ten brands in Chinese cabinets, the top 500 brands, and the national quality integrity AAA brand enterprise.

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