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Anatomy: Smooth handling of oil film NSK bearing oil

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-06-05

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Material identification; the leading cause of mechanical failure or early wear; more than half are related to smooth skill handling. Do a smooth handling; avoid scratching or sintering of conflicting moving parts such as NSK bearings and gears; avoid and reduce wear; reduce conflict resistance Avoid equipment attacks; improve equipment production power, save power; improve power useful utilization; add economic benefits; is the primary task of smooth handling.
1. Smooth handling is a professional skill management; full-time smooth skills should be set up for personnel; smooth management system should be formulated; smooth skill knowledge training should be carried out.
2. Under the premise of reasonable fuel tank capacity; adhere to the reasonable oil level of the fuel tank; often add smooth oil to the fuel tank; keep the oil in the fuel tank at a reasonable operating oil level; degas the oil; deposit the machine; The oil temperature in the box is favorable.
3. Punctuality, positioning and extraction of oil samples during operation; testing and testing of oil odor, color, viscosity change, water content, water separation function, pollutant type and content, anti-foam function, etc. At 0. 1%; the mechanical wear is sharply added, and the smooth condition beyond 0. 5% will be very risky.
4. Analyze the record of each test; make a prediction for the unsatisfactory smooth condition; formulate an improvement or prevention method. It is safe and reliable for the oil level, oil quality, oil temperature, oil pressure control alarm and interlocking of the system; The episode.
5. Avoid contamination with oil and handling oil:
(1) Oil product procurement, storage, storage, distribution and disposal of waste oil; there should be a strict handling system; according to different types; trademarks should be separated; there are significant easy to distinguish signs or marks; mark the name; trademark; Date, etc. Prohibit mixed storage; avoid misuse to form a mixed oil incident.
(2) During storage and storage; it is necessary to strictly ensure the sanitation and sealing of the container; to avoid the intrusion of dust, impurities and rain. It should be protected from light; cool and ventilated; warehouses with fire exits. Temporary open storage; The lid of the bucket adheres to the orientation of the skewed state; in order to prevent the intrusion of rainwater, the oil does not touch the metal with the copper oxide and lead to promote the oxidation reaction.
(3) The first item of smooth oil inspection and re-inspection: viscosity, viscosity index, water content, demulsibility, extreme pressure. The mechanical impurities in the hygiene requirement are within 0.01%; no moisture and sediment marks.
(4) The manhole cover on the top of the fuel tank should be tightly closed; do not open. The air filter has an accuracy of 100 mesh or more; watch the sorting on time; the drain valve in the lower part of the fuel tank is punctually discharged. Add smooth to the fuel tank. The oil is pumped by pipeline; and the filter with proper filtration precision is installed. The fuel tank should be defensively arranged to deposit sludge; it is not allowed to wipe the fuel tank table with fiber fabric.
(5) When replacing the blocked filter element; the oil in the filter cartridge should be drained; be careful to prevent dirt from entering the downstream pipe of the filter; form a severe irreparable secondary pollution; otherwise it will directly endanger the smoothness at the smooth point.
(6) Change the status according to the target of color, viscosity, moisture and pollution degree of the oil used; change the oil on time.
6. The unit that uses the oil film bearing oil for the first time; in addition to the complete circulatory removal of the original smooth system and equipment; the following operations must be done:
(1) The standard value and practical test value of the physical and chemical function target of the oil film bearing oil; compare with the physical and chemical goals of the manufacturer's oil products in the national watch; contact the condition of the equipment; and formulate the operation plan and accident instead of the application Skills at the time of the situation; be confident.
(2) The oil part should arrange relevant skill personnel to analyze and discuss the oil skill data; in order to fully understand the function of the oil and the correct application method.

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