Public safety will be incorporated into basic public services

Public safety will be incorporated into basic public services

The reporter learned from the Guangdong Provincial Department of Finance on May 29 that, with the consent of the Guangdong Provincial People's Government, the "Outline of the Planning for Equalization of Basic Public Services in Guangdong Province (2009-2020)" (Revised Edition) (hereinafter referred to as "Planning Outline") Near the stove. After this revision, there are two basic public service items that have been newly incorporated into the "Planning Outline": public safety and ecological environment protection. The Guangdong Provincial Department of Finance estimated that from 2013 to 2020, Guangdong Province will invest 45 billion yuan in fiscal funds for basic public services. The basic public service expenditure of the province accounts for the proportion of public financial budget revenue, also from 2012. The 35.07% of the year will increase to 37.67% in 2020.

Since the “5+5” framework is formed due to historical, geographical, and institutional reasons, there is a large gap between the citizens of China in enjoying the basic public services provided by the government. In order to narrow this gap, Guangdong took the lead in the country in 2008 to compile the province's basic public service equalization plan. In 2009, the "Guangdong Province Basic Public Service Equalization Plan Outline (2009-2020)", which directly related to people's livelihood, was formally implemented. In the five years since implementation, all regions in Guangdong have accelerated the equalization of basic public services and achieved remarkable results.

However, with the economic and social development, the scope, stage goals and implementation measures of basic public services have all changed. The 12th Five-Year Plan of the National Basic Public Service System also clarifies the institutional arrangements, basic scope, key tasks, and safeguard measures for the construction of basic public service systems from the national level. To this end, Guangdong is equalizing the equalization of basic public services in Guangdong Province. The planning outline (2009-2020) was revised.

The Guangdong Provincial Department of Finance introduced that this revision mainly involves five aspects, including: broadening the basic public service guarantee; detailedizing the objectives and measures for equalizing the implementation phase; clarifying the division of service standards and expenditure responsibilities; improving the basic public service equalization Expenditure protection mechanism; improve the equalization supporting policy system for basic public services. After the revision, the basic public service items that were included in the “Planning Outline” have been increased from 8 to 10, namely, 4 basic services in public education, public health, public cultural sports, and public transport, and livelihood security and housing. On the basis of the four basic guarantees for safeguards, employment security, and medical security, new public security and ecological environment protection have been added, and a “5+5” framework system has been formed, that is, the basic public service framework of 5 basic services and 5 basic guarantees.

The proportion of expenditure has been greatly increased. The Guangdong Provincial Department of Finance introduced that since the “Planning Outline” expands the coverage of basic public services, it is expected that Guangdong Province's fiscal funds invested in basic public services will grow at an average annual rate of 12.5% ​​from 2013 to 2020. The increase in investment was 45 billion yuan, which was higher than the 248.12 billion yuan originally planned for 2009-2020 and increased to 307.86 billion yuan. The proportion of basic public service expenditure in the public finance budget increased from 35.07% in 2012 to 37.67 in 2020. %.

How will the newly added financial capital investment be guaranteed? The “Planning Outline” lists the service items, service targets, security standards, expenditure responsibilities, and coverage levels of each basic public service in two stages, 2013-2015 and 2016-2018.

The "Planning Outline" has made a principled division of the expenditure responsibilities of various basic public service projects at the sub-provincial level in accordance with the institutional requirements for establishing the authority and expenditure responsibilities set forth at the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee. The public service as a local authority, the provincial government is mainly responsible for determining the basic public service standards in the province, the formulation of local policies and regulations, the provision of basic public services involving provincial powers and financial security, to ensure the equalization of basic public services, power and responsibilities. At the same time, through the development of regional economies, intensified transfer payments, and promoted population migration, we have achieved the goal of equal per capita basic public service expenditure in the region.

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